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Oct 30, 2012 10:51 AM

Thanksgiving Out in Scottsdale

My sister and her family will be vacationing in Scottsdale. She was looking at the buffet at the Westin Keirland where she is staying but it impossible to tell looking at the menu how it would be. Is there somew here else she can go? It doesn't have to be a buffet but the food has to be good. She has a car but prefers not to drive. Any reccomendations or is the Westin fine?

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  1. Is she looking for a Thanksgiving meal? Or, just a good meal?

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        There a tons of resorts around town that will have Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sure the Westin puts on a great spread, similar to most of the others. I think it would be fine to stay there to eat. If she did want to venture out I read that Bobby's is doing Thanksgiving dinner and it is across the street from the Westin . I have never dined there, but the old Mancuso's was a Scottsdale favorite for many years. Also, Christopher's is serving Thanksgiving dinner. I can vouch for Christopher's. It is one of my favorite restaurants, has been for a long time. It is located at the Arizona Biltmore Fashion Park and is very festive during the holidays. Hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving!

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          Christophers puts on a great show.
          Bourbon Steak's Thanksgiving menu also looks quite nice, imo.

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