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Where to eat near City College [SF]?

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Any recommendations of where to eat near City College/Balboa Park BART station? Especially lunch?


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    1. Lucky River is on Monterey Blvd a few blocks away from campus. It has many lunch specials. The recommended Zhejiang spareribs are not listed on the lunch specials menu, but you can order it as a lunch plate. Here's a recent post,

      1. You could have lunch right at City College, at the Pierre Coste dining room. Your food will be cooked, served, and presented by students in the Culinary Arts program. They always have one entree served tableside, along with soups, sandwiches, and salads.

        Pho Ha Tien has decent (but not great) pho--it's a few blocks down on Ocean, technically in Mt. Davidson Manor.

        Caffe D'Melanio is popular amongst some of my coworkers--coffee, salads, sandwiches.

        Lakeside Cafe, which is on Ocean, but on the other side of 19th, has decent burgers (they grind their meat themselves) and salads.

        1. The best best subs are at Roxie Food Center. You can walk there from balboa Bart (on San Jose Ave). They are huge! Take it to Balboa Park to eat

          On the other side of City College - I love K's Kitchen. On Monterey. Japanese. They have great sushi as well as non- sushi. The lunch bento box is such a deal.

          1. Newly-opened Whole Foods across the street.

            1. I also recommend the PCR (Pierre Coste Room) at City College.
              (415) 239-3438

              Also, I hear many good things about Broken Record, although their kitchen team is about to change, if it hasn't already.

              A good article about that area:

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                Broken Record is quite a hike from CCSF. (Also not open for lunch.) If the Excelsior is fair game for this thread, then probably Glen Park village and the northermost parts of Daly City (Little Yangon, Tselog's, Pamonhas) are on the table too.

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                  The folks who were cooking at Broken Record are gone from there, but told their customers they were opening their own place at 400 Haight St. However, they are not yet open in the new location.

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                    Just a further update. The team that was cooking the great food at Broken Record will be opening a restaurant called "rickybobby" (an homage to Talladega Nights). I drove by the new location at 400 Haight and the windows are still papered over, etc.