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Oct 30, 2012 09:32 AM

Lunch for football Friday in Berkeley

We are looking for a place for lunch before a Friday evening football game at Berkeley. Can be Oakland, Berkeley or south to Fremont. Any cuisine except Japanese. Fish might be nice.

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  1. The game is at 6PM, so what time are you looking to eat lunch? I ask because if you choose to eat in Berkeley you could have quite a bit of time on your hands after lunch.

    1. Cafe Rouge, Sea Salt, Wood Tavern, Flora, Bocanova

      1. Hard to go wrong with Chez Panisse Cafe.

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          BTW, the fish or seafood at CP is usually outstanding. If it's delicate or needs attention, CP can do it.

        2. That is awfully broad. How many will you be? How fancy do you want to go? Every other storefront in Berkeley is a restaurant, so it's a bit hard to give an answer.

          You might try Gather in Berkeley, though not a fish place.

          1. Thanks to all for the suggestions. We studied them all and decided on Wood Tavern for lunch. It was great.

            For dinner the previous evening we went to an old favorate, Salang Pass, an Afghan place in Fremont. It did not disappoint. I believe it is the best Middle Eastern food I have ever eaten. Attached is a photo of my Quabili Pallow, a lamb shank covered in the most succulent rice, raisin and carrot combination.