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Oct 30, 2012 09:07 AM

Where can I find Pesche Con Crema?

I was at a Bakery in Hartford's Little Italy and they had these cake desserts. Looks like a peach stuffed with cream. It's two cake halves with filling, looks like a peach. I don't recall seeing this dessert before. We didn't try it but now I'm intrigued and want to find it somewhere in Boston.

Attaching a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.

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  1. well if that isn't the darndest. At first, i thought they must be marzipan , which Modern Pastry does so well. Adorably clever. Maybe take a photo to MP and ask the baker if he ever makes them. What month did you see them, and was the filling and/or the cake-peach flavored? thk you.

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      I saw them this past Sunday at Mozzicato's in Hartford. They look like peaches, I'm not sure what they taste like or if they are flavored with peach. I bought pastries to take home and saw these but moved on to other choices. Then on the drive home I kept thinking I should have tried one! Now I may have to go back to Hartford.

      They don't list it on their website but I found it at another bakery down the street from the, Modern Pastry (I don't think it's related to the Boston outfit) and on their website they describe it as "This unique sweet dough pastry is soaked with peach juice and rum, filled with vanilla cream filling and dusted with sugar."

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        well jpan, you've just given me a foodie mission when we next visit the Wadsworth. So cool;thx!
        all- loved hearing about Cafe Florian. Actually, my very oldest Boston food memory ( from my first ever visit, in 1970) is of a French pastry shop (owned/chefed by a Frenchman) downstairs from what is now Thomas Moser, next to the Arlington St Unitarian church.
        What an epiphany!

    2. I've seen these as a French pastry before, but never as Italian pastry. They used to offer the French version on the pastry tray at Cafe Florian on Newbury Street, many MANY years ago. The pastry was sugar-crusted brioche, with a pastry cream filling with small chunks of peach mixed in. I haven't seen them in Boston in forever.

      1. I had one at the Garden of Eden in the South End, years ago. I stopped in the kitchen to compliment the pastry chef. She said she had studied with Delphin Gomes (now at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts) when he had the pastry school in Marblehead, and learned how to make them there. SO, if you could track down an alumnus of the school maybe you could find some. I know it's a convoluted route, but maybe it's a start.