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Spices, deli in SLC

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We're moving to Utah County next month and among my first hunts will be to find places in the area that sell great spices (something like Savory Spice in Denver) and a good deli, hopefully with a full service meat market (like Tony's Market).

Any suggestions on where I should start? And any other things I should put on the foodie to-do list?

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  1. Utah County is a bit of a schlep to SLC and back for provisions.

    As for Kosher-style delis, I only know of one., the deli at 9th and 9th has received positive buzz, though I have not been yet.

    Spice-wise I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps a stocking order with Penzey's?

    1. Check out Caputo's downtown: http://www.caputosdeli.com/

      Can't really think of anywhere with spices in particular.

      If you like pastries/bakeries, be sure to hit up Les Madeleines: http://les-madeleines.com/

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        I'd like to echo skinnyfish and recommend Caputo's. I really hope it meets your standards! I was impressed by it.

        I'm sorry but I can't offer advice on spices.

        Imo this place is a must-go: http://southeastmarket.com/ It's a gem.