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Oct 30, 2012 08:41 AM

Omnivore's 4-day trip to SB/Montecito w/ a pescatarian. Recs?

She's a pal who will eat egg whites and dry toast for breakfast, then at dinner will order deep-fried shrimp and have panna cotta for dessert. I'm a pretty flexible omnivore who likes just about anything as long as it's good. We'll be staying at the Inn at East Beach, and have never been to the area before. Trying to watch our budget, but would be willing to pay a bit more for quality over quantity.
We also need recs for nice winery experiences that you had.

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  1. Wow, with the range of preferences you have this is a pretty hard question to answer. Most restaurants in Santa Barbara are pretty good and pretty varied - vegetarian is big here so they all have options. You almost can try just about everything and come away reasonably happy. Most have menus posted so you have a great variety of choices just walking up State Street from the ocean side.

    The only seafood place I would personally stay away from is Fish Enterprise on Lower State Street close to where you will be, but other do like their offerings. Mac's Fish and Chips Shoppe on Lower State Street "Old Town" is casual and good. The happy hour specials at The Boat House are particularly good value too at Hendry's Beach a bit outside of down town.

    Not knowing your budget, it is hard to give good recommendations because you are located in a tourist intensive part of town and things are pricier and of lower consistent quality.

    Here is the link to our overall dining scene and they often have links to their websites or menus too so the best thing might be to pick out some you would like to try and then we can work from there:

    You can search this list by locations as well as types of restaurants so try looking at the harbor or wharf areas first which shows you what is immediately around you, and then by type is this is an interest. The reviews are not particularly discerning and sometimes feed "padded" on this site, but you can get a sense of what is going on at least.

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    1. Stella Mare's has the best mussels on the planet, really. If you are watching your wallet, go for lunch or weekend brunch. Everything there is delicious and the ambience is great. Not far from your hotel either.