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Oct 30, 2012 06:56 AM

Food souvenirs?

Hi all,

We will be travelling to Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah on an upcoming trip, and I love bringing back food related souvenirs (i.e., The Chicago Mix at Garrett Popcorn is a fave of mine). Is there anything in the south that would make a great souvenir and is hard to come by in the Northeast?


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  1. Boiled peanuts (I hate them, but they're very local and unique)

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    1. re: jboeke

      Agree boiled oeanuts. Also sweet potatoes pie cheese grits. Fried okra

      1. re: bobstripower

        any place in particular you recommend?

        1. re: bobstripower

          I don't think cheese grits and fried okra are going to travel very well.

      2. Carolina Plantation rice. They also make rice flour and stone-ground grits.

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        1. re: GAfoodfan

          Pecans, or baked goods with lots of them.
          Boiled peanuts *are* available canned; sometimes you can also find things that will freak some Northerners out, like brains canned in milk gravy and pickled pig lips.
          (No, I won't eat any of these *except* pecans!).

          1. re: Chowbird

            Umm...I think you just freaked this Northerner out!?! LOL

            I think I'll stick with the peanuts and pecans ;)


          2. re: GAfoodfan

            Thanks! This looks awesome, would love to even tour the place if they offer that!

          3. Found this in searching where to get boiled peanuts:

            Pecans are tastier, but have less novelty (ie. you can get them up North).

            1. pralines from river street sweets in savannah.

              1. Souvenirs from the World of Coke in Atlanta:


                Vidalia onions

                I always like to buy the local Junior League cookbook as a souvenir.