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Oct 30, 2012 05:58 AM

Need help-Feedback on the following SF restaurants, thumbs up/down

to accommadate 20 or so,, for a dinner business function... Appreciate your input!!

Wayfare Taveren
Scala's Bistro
Bluestem Brasserie
Morton's Steakhouse
Cafe Claude

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  1. Doesn't depend -- at least in part -- on budget?

    -- Wayfare Tavern is good, not great, but it would be fine for a business function.
    -- Scala's would work, too. Again, food good, but IIRC, the chef has changed since I was last there.
    -- Bluestern (never been there).
    -- Morton's is a chain steakhouse . . . they are, I'm sure, set up to do business dinners, but it's not going to be an only-in-SF function.
    -- Love Perbacco, and they have a private dinning room perched over the kitchen.
    -- Café Claude can be fun, but a) it's been years since I've been there, and b) I'm not sure about doing a business dinner there.

    Just my 2¢. Probably worth far less. Keep the change . . .

    1. I attended a business lunch at Wayfare Tavern last year, with about 30 people. They put us upstairs at a long banquet table and served salads individually and then the rest of the meal on platters, family style. They have the kind of food that lends itself to this setup. I'd rank it among one of the better business function meals I've had. I have not been to similar functions at the other places you list. Perbacco and Cafe Claude are my favorites on your list in terms of food, but I have no sense of how they would be for your purposes.

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      1. re: BAnders

        I would say Perbacco could be best in terms of food but not sure if they can handle 20 people, and they are probably the most expensive.

        Aside from that Wayfare Tavern is probably next best on your list. The upstairs room can handle 20 and they have very good food.

        The only one to take off your list for sure is Morton's. Haven't been to Bluestern and I never hear anything good or bad about Scala's Bistro.

        The food at Cafe Claude is good but I think Wayfare Tavern would be better for a business dinner.

      2. Drop Morton's, go to Alfred's, Harris', or House of Prime Rib, I'm pretty sure they can all handle groups that size.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I'm sure they could, and it would be a less corporate/more personal experience. Good suggestions, Robert.

        2. Cafe Claude would be tough. It's pretty small and it's not business function efficient.

          Wayfare would be the safest (assuming you have the budget). It's a celebrity chef restaurant, has lots of good standards, has cocktails etc. The menu is self-explanatory.

          I think Perbacco would be the winner if the group is open to a smaller menu and ingredients they may have to ask about (e.g. chowhound types).

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          1. re: goldangl95

            I have done events at Perbacco for 20 - it is tight and not very comfortable (it really tops out at 18). Barbacco, however, can accommodate 20 a little easier...

            Kokkari is another spot that works well for 20 and is quite nice.

            1. re: CarrieWas218

              Perbacco has two private rooms, stated capacity 18 and 40, and they can seat groups of up to 75 on the mezzanine.


              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                That's what I indicated; they have squeezed 20 into that space for 18 and it was uncomfortable.

                1. re: CarrieWas218

                  Right, but they have other rooms where they can handle 20 and more.

          2. We liked Bluestem for lunch and my foodie brother from LA had a terrific dinner there during the madness that is OracleWorld. But you'd have to ask if they have a private room, the main-floor dining room is very attractive but wouldn't work for that large a party.