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Oct 30, 2012 04:20 AM

What did you have for dinner during Hurricane Sandy? [moved from Manhattan]

I'll start: Bottle of Horror Show by Vending Machine winery (34% Sousao, 33% Montepulciano, 33% Tannat)-then stopped by Veatery (Vietnamese-formerly Saigon Grill on 88th and 2nd) for spicy ribs and bowl of rice. Slept like a baby after.

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  1. We had some Korean-style pork ribs in the freezer that need hours to slow cook, so we never find the time to make them. We put them on mid-day yesterday and later roasted some miscellaneous vegetables. Waking up to a cleaner fridge and freezer, with a few less bottles of soju on hand.

    1. I live in the suburb so I dont have good restaurants open near me. I had homemade sesame noodles plus leftover Bibimbap from HMart. Dessert was Haagen Daz Vanilla Espresso ice cream. Not great but not bad considering the storm got pretty bad at around 8 pm. Dont think I wanted to be outside during that time.

      1. I can't speak for me, but on Sunday night, we sent my son back to NYC on the last Amtrak train out of Paoli PA. I loaded him up with my homemade brioche au chocolat. I also made plain brioche so made him a "Brie-Oche" sandwich outta--you got it! Brie and plain brioche--with some nice saucison as well. Bread Pudding and a ton of halloween candy b/c I know we will not have many trick-or-treaters here due to the storm.
        My good thoughts and good karma are being channeled to all living in and around NYC. Stay positive. Stay well. Stay good-humored!

        1. I have a very sweet neighbour -conservative as all get-out, but you can't have everything!- who invited me to a dinner of cold elbow-macaroni, tuna, and (melded) hot sauce with an accompaniment of not-so-fancy chianti.
          The wind was howling, howling outside the windows, and stranger sounds without you've never heard before (only the theramin was missing), but it was a truly delightful meal.

          EDIT: 42nd @ First, so right in the teeth of the storm.

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              Wiki (I know, but still) sent me to a youtube video of Mr. Theramin himself playing his namesake supercool instrument. Sheesh, now I'll have to notice when the theramin is missing.

            2. Spaghetti and meatballs in my well lit kitchen on the UWS... but, lunch today was a disaster... Fairway was open but there was no fresh bread... So here I am eating a niciose salad without a fresh baguette. And as I am forced to work from home I am getting stir crazy... woe is me.

              (for anyone that doesn't get sarcasm... my plight is well, not a plight and I know it)