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Oct 29, 2012 10:27 PM

Remy Noodle Palace Opens In Industry

Previously pegged as a coming attraction (though it was initially identified as "Remy Cafe"), Remy Noodle Palace has opened in Industry. Hardly palatial in size, they are doing a booming business and were full at lunch time. Like so many of the restaurants in the area, this is a Taiwanese place with pig ears, pork chop and marinated beef. The noodle menu is unusual in that you get a check off sheet with a choice of noodles--I believe the choices are regular, rice noodle, and glass noodles. Spicy beef noodle soup seems to be their signature dish. Address is 18211 E. Gale.

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  1. My uncle tells me this place is now his "go-to" spot for Taiwanese 滷味.

    Better than the stuff at Dai Ho or Lu's Garden (or so he says).

    1. All my friends told me..they got authentic tw beef noodle soup..can't wait try it when I'm around the area...

      1. It is so absolutely unfortunate Remy's resorted to "borrowing" 老張牛肉麵 name from Taipei.

        The wheat "noodles" (not house-made, but not frozen) are available in "regular" or "wide", but is not shown on the order sheet. FWIW, the boss man was eating "wide".

        The spicy beef NRM has doe ban, in additional to massive amounts of SZ peppercorn powder.

        Facebook page here:

        1. After hearing rave reviews of their preserved dishes from my uncle I had to try the place for myself.

          It's obvious that his place stakes its claim to fame on its beef noodle soup but I think the real gem here is the Dan Dan Mian. It's good and spicy, salty and sweet (yes, sweet but not in the candy sense but more in the herbal way).

          Back to the beef noodle soup. It's good but not anything more spectacular than other beef noodle soups out there, and in my estimation a notch below that of Dai Ho and even Luscious Dumpling.

          1. I see on yelp that they have Spicy Wontons? Did you guys get to try them ? I am in search of good taiwanese Spicy Wontons.

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              Liang's Kitchen makes a pretty good dry spicy wonton dish.