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Oct 29, 2012 10:24 PM

first date

Going out on a first date this Thursday. Looking for an intimate hidden gem type of restaurant--preferably italian or indian. Music would be nice but not necessary. Reasonable price is also a major consideration. Thanks. Oh I"m looking for something in the orange county area but would also consider going out towards LA.

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  1. "Reasonable" price is relative term. Some of my friends feel that 100-200 dollars on a meal is reasonable, and others, no more than five bucks. Please be more specific. And, is this with or without wine?

    1. Sabatino's in Newport matches the OC, hidden gem & Italian requirements. Perhaps il garage as well.

      1. dunno about orange county these days, but around the westside, because of boards like this one, there are no "hidden" gems.
        basically, one of the main points of this board is to reveal all the gems on an ongoing basis.

        1. In Santa Monica on Main St is Manchego. It is spanish, but it is BYOB and is very intimate. Sorry, not very knowledgeable when it comes to Orange County.

          1. Alessa in Newport Beach (PCH North of the 55), Il Barone in Newport Beach (near John Wayne), Onotria in Costa Mesa (near the Camp) are good possibilities for Italian--though Onotria can get expensive if you want wine with your meal as the list has a high mark up. I love Sabatino's but don't really think of it as a first date place. Far less hidden but nice for first dates are Canaletto at Fashion Island and Cocina Enoteca at the Spectrum; unlike the other three, these two are in areas that offer something to do, or someplace to walk at least, post-date.