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Oct 29, 2012 10:21 PM

Foods for sake

Putting together a Gift basket with 3 different sakes. What would be good food items or items to put with the sake?

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  1. Great project. What are the sakes you have? Food recommendations are really determined by the flavor profiles of the sakes.

    Where are you getting the sakes? My favorite place in the US is, though I live in Tokyo and can get pretty much anything.

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      Sayuri Nigori, Draft Sake, and Superior Junmal Ginjo are the three by Hakutsuru. I bought them at a Japanese Market in the area.

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        The Nigori would be good with pork sauteed with miso paste, the draft with fried foods such as karaage or tonkatsu, and the Junmai Ginjo would be good with raw fish or grilled fish. Let us know how it works out.

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            Glad to help. Let me know how it went, the actual matches and how they worked with each sake.

    2. I have a can of stuffed grape leaves that I recently received in a gift basket that I think would pair well with sake. If only I could source a decent sake in Sarasota, FL.

      1. Since you mention that it's for a gift basket... Smoked salmon, some higher end senbei, some of the dried squid snacks, a pepper cheese would be good with the nigori, smoked whitefish or black cod.

        Small jars of ikura or other caviar would be nice.

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          Thanks, you all have been so helpful.