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Oct 29, 2012 09:44 PM

Late night eats help please

My girlfriend and I havent been down in a few years and we cant party like we used to, so after a few or a few too many cocktails we would like to get some 'light bites' or could be a meal, basically anything tasty and well crafted. Not picky on cuisine or $ or area but would need to know what time frame the place is open until. I think we are looking for something after 10pm. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you can look past the misleading name (I kid, I kid), Maurepas Foods serves till midnight--except for, I think, Wednesdays. Suis Generis, just across the street, is also open till 1 AM some nights. Both are very good.

    That said, depending on exactly how much booze I have to soak up, I often end up at Buffa's (always open) or the Port o' Call (open till about midnight). Buffa's is highly entertaining and the food's somewhere between not bad and better than you'd expect. The PoC is usually empty late and their steaks, while not Mr. John's, are always well cut and cooked. I don't think much of their burgers but apparently that's just me.

    If you get toasty enough, there's always Gene's Po-Boys for a hot sausage, egg, and cheese. It requires a good deal of booze and a pretty strong stomach to really appreciate the magic that is Gene's though. For a better all night sandwich, try the Verti Marte -- they even deliver.

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          how is the pizza at port of call? i have always been curious on both their steaks and their pizza. i did try a simple house salad with bleu cheese once and it was great. just simple iceberg and some tomato's i believe but i remember it being ice cold and fresh.
          does port of call still make their burgers with the trimmings from the steaks???? i thought i read that or heard that once...supposedly they butcher their own steaks and that they use the trimmings ground up for their burgers but they go through so many burgers i am not sure how that could be possible. port of call is always great fun!

      1. I was able to get a decent late-night poorboy at the bar at Coop's in the FQ.

        1. Back in the day I would have told you to go to one of the Martin Brother Driveins for a Potato Sandwicfh. Worked wonders for me when the Jax in mu gut wanted to go into the gutter. Today, ??? You might try Rocky and Carlo's in Chalmette.