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Oct 29, 2012 08:46 PM

something like old charter bourbon for the west coast

When I'm in the South I buy a lot of Old Charter bourbon. It's cheap, and very good. I gave blind taste tests to multiple folks using "much better" bourbons (makers mark, black maple hill, etc.) and old charter holds its own.

Thing is, the Sazerac company, which owns the brand, wont distribute it to wholesalers out here. The only other decent low price bourbon i have found out here is that 8 year joshua brook that the silver lake wine shop sells. But it isn't as good, and they've been out of it for a long time anyway.

Any other contenders on this side that ya'll know?


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  1. Right now, I'm drinking a bourbon from Costco, Kirkland brand. Who knows what maker this 100 proof whiskey comes from, but I like it. It is slightly sweet and has a complex finish. Needs a little water to avoid numbing your taste buds. It's only twenty bucks for a liter.

      1. What about Evan Williams? I think it's at least as good as Makers Mark, and much cheaper. I'll have to try the Old Charter if I ever get the chance. I wanted to like the Kirkland brand, but I just didn't like it at all.


          I was given a taste of Buffalo Trace by a bartender who knows my love for bourbon and rye whisky. Gotta say, I was impressed. Nowhere near as sweet as Makers or Turkey but not as sour and downright aggresive in taste as Jack Daniel's. And yes, I know JD is not proper bourbon.

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            Buffalo Trace is my everyday bourbon. It's also owned by Sazerac. You might want to try it or one of the other good lower priced Sazerac brands like Elmer T. Lee, Old Weller or Eagle Rare.

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              Buffalo Trace is delicious and affordable ;)
              But, if Eagle Rare is on the shelf (I don't see it everwhere) that's the one I'll order. mmm mmm good.

          2. Might be more that you want to pay, but have you tried Ezra Brooks?