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Oct 29, 2012 07:29 PM

Looking for quick, casual lunch near (or south) of PHX airport

I'm picking someone up from PHX and then driving down to Tucson. We are looking for a great casual lunch spot near the airport, or on the way from there to Tucson. We are open to all cuisines, however something unique to the area would be best.


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  1. Carolina's would be my suggestion,you can't get much more casual the food is great and it's really close to the airport.

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    1. re: twodogs

      Concur that Carolinas for Divey Mex good...closed on Sunday.

      1. re: twodogs

        Absolutely. Foot long machaca burrito, enchilada style. Extra sauce.


        1. re: twodogs

          Add my vote to the pile of Carolina's... but I'll take a Oaxaca Special, please. Foot long, enchilada style, of course.

        2. Thanks everyone -- we've definitely decided to grab lunch at Carolina's!

          I'm also dropping her off at the airport at 7 pm on a Sunday... Can you all recommend a good place for dinner near the airport, which would be open but not too busy on a Sunday evening at around 5:30 pm?