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Oct 29, 2012 06:31 PM

Help... Matzoh ball disaster

I can't do it. Doesn't matter what recipe, what brand of matzoh meal, water or seltzer, cooking in water or soup. Too heavy, undercooked in the middle, rock hard, too eggy, I've made it all. Today's recipe had to be the worst- some completely fell apart and the rest disintegrated into the pot.

Please... Recipes, tips, techniques? Husband told me today that his mom's matzoh balls from a mix were better than my attempts.

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  1. I use the mix following the directions and they come out great -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Trying to avoid the mix. It tastes kind of chemical to me.

      1. re: cheesecake17

        which mix have you tried? i make mine from scratch, but they're gluten-free. however, my mom *swears* by Croyden House, and every one of our friends & family members who has eaten her matzo balls over the years has loved them. you can probably find it at your local Shop Rite if they have a decent kosher selection.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          I was shocked when I asked my mom for her recipe which was handed down form her mother and was shocked when I head it was from a mix! I do like croyden house -

    2. My Jewish mother-in-law taught her Baptist daughter-in-law (me) to use the recipe on the back of the Manischewitz matzo meal box (not the matzo ball mix). Her only change was to add an extra egg white that had been whipped. Don't over stir the mixture and make sure you chill it for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer. I think the extra egg white made them lighter and by chilling, the matzo balls didn't fall apart or disintegrate.

      1. I too use the recipe on back of the. Manischewitz matzo meal box. Have never had a problem. Just make sure to let them rest in the refrigator before forming the balls. The reason that they are hard and not done in the middle is because they are not cooked long enough. Mine take about an hour.

        1. Whatever recipe you use, chill the mixture before forming the balls. Then, chill the matzo balls before dropping them in boiling water. Keep us posted on the results :)

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          1. re: Kate is always hungry

            How did anyone make matzo balls before the invention of the ice box?

            Asking because I agree with Kate, chilling is essential. But I'm pretty sure Tevye didn't deliver ice to Golda's kitchen.

            1. re: AdinaA

              Goose schmaltz held them together.

            2. re: Kate is always hungry

              I usually chill the mixture before forming the balls, but ill try a second chill.

              1. re: cheesecake17

                Have never used a second will do it.

            3. I shamelessly cheat and use about 1/2 tsp of baking powder to the dry ingredients for every two eggs I use in the recipe. Always works well for me. It may not be Kosher, though...

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              1. re: Tripeler

                It's kosher, and I've tried it. The matzoh balls come out so light that they fall apart.

                1. re: Tripeler

                  I always use baking powder in my matzah balls and they always turn out perfectly.
                  My father taught me a trick for matzah balls that turn out like bowling balls. Just fry some onions and garlic and then sautee this with the sliced matzah balls. It makes a wonderful side dish. But try the baking powder. You'll never have sinkers again.

                  1. re: sharonlebewohl

                    I've held my tongue for so long on this thread, but I just have to ask . . . isn't there anyone else out there like me who likes the hard matzoh balls?! Fluffy and light . . . blech!

                    1. re: queenscook

                      My husband. I make such great matzoh balls, and each time he says, can't you make hard ones this time? I do if no one is coming over - I just pack them tighter when I'm making the balls.

                      1. re: queenscook

                        I hate sinkers, but my eldest daughter loves them,
                        Today with the snow approaching I made a large pot of chicken soup. I was going to make luckshen to go in it, but my wife asked me to make matzo balls for the kids and herself.
                        We didn't have any plain matzo meal in the house (having used it all while feeding a houseful of guests all last week during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy) but I did have an emergency stash of two boxes of Striet's Matzo Ball mix.
                        I made three envelopes per the standard box recipe, one envelope mixed into 2 large eggs that have been mixed with 1/4 cup oil and allow to sit 15 minutes. NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED> The other envelope I made for my daughter who likes sinkers. I separated the eggs and used only the yolks. This gives the fat and weight but no fluffiness.
                        Everybody, including the dogs is happy with the results. I put the pot of soup out in the snow to cool so I could skim it and serve this afternoon, no overnight refrigeration needed, either.

                        1. re: queenscook

                          heh0 my moms are hard, not sinkers, but not fluffy, so theyre what i like bc theyre what im used to, but i see the appeal of the softer ones, they're just not "home" to me