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Might be the 'Best Tasting' Dark Chocolate Ice cream out there??!!

I was grocery shopping at T&T and noticed this Japanese 'Meiji Black Chocolate Ice Cream Sticks' in the freezer. The child inside of me persuaded the adult part to buy a box to try! Man!! Was I in for a huge surprise! It was sooooo damn good!! So chocolatey and not overly sweet! A taste sensation that is totally different from your typical Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, Nestle, Chapman's...etc.
For those of you chocolate and ice cream lover out there, this is a must try, IMO!!

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  1. The chocolate bar version is so delicious so I am not surprised! Have to try it soon!!! Thanks

    1. you just so totally ruined my and my wife's diet...

      1. Has anyone seen these at Galleria supermarket on York Mills?

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          I don't think they sell that at Galleria, since this brand is Japanese and not Korean. I have only seen them at T&T .

        2. I snagged the last box at T & T the other day. I found the inside more crystalline than I prefer but was an interesting shout-out to try.

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            I bought a box today!

            :( nothing special.

            The Magnum ones are more chocolatey. I can't rmmbr if it chocolate or vanilla ice cream but Magnum are coated with a thick layer of dark chocolate. And the ice cream is much creamier!

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              check the ingredients list on the Magnum bars. You might be surprised at what you find. Magnum uses colouring and fillers.


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                And the Meiji doesn't? If you can recommend an excellent all natural dark chocolate ice cream please do.

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                  Best all natural dark chocolate ice cream bar is at Sweet Olenka's. They do a dark chocolate-ginger bar, covered with their own chocolate glaze that is a religious experience.

          2. I've been really enjoying the Meiji hokkaido milk ice cream bars! So good!

            1. Do prefer these over the Magnum bars. Cant miss with any of the flavors!