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Oct 29, 2012 03:55 PM

One Night in SF

Hello all,

I am trying to plan a nice dinner in March for about 10 family members to celebrate my wedding earlier that day. It's a mixed group, ranging from plain tastes to hardcore foodies. One person can't eat any seafood, and several will be opposed to ethnic food. Ideally, the food would approach the quality of Manresa, French Laundry, Meadowood, etc, but for the above reasons a tasting menu cannot be the only option.

I was thinking that Boulevard or Gary Danko might be good choices, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you may have. We will also be spending a night in Napa, so similar recommendations in that area would be great too.


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  1. If you are going to spend the night in Napa, would you prefer to have the meal there so you don't have so far to drive after dinner?

    A group of ten fits nicely in the basement, cave room of Boulevard, if you want to keep in the city. There is also the private room at Incanto that is lovely.

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      I apologize, I should have been more clear. We are doing one night in San Francisco and another night in Napa. Thanks for the suggestions!

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        You want Meadowood or French Laundry quality - have you thought of Meadowood or French Laundry in Napa? They will put together any type of menu you want.

        Unfortunately, there are not a lot of high-end places that can accommodate groups on Napa short of the hotels which have meeting rooms. With a slightly larger group, you can buy-out lovely restaurants like Angele.

        Another suggestion is the upstairs at Zuzu. I've hosted events up there and the food is great, but not quite at pretentious as FL/Manresa, et al...

    2. I don't think the cooking at Boulevard is on the same level as the others. To me, boulevard is like a steakhouse, that is worse than a real steakhouse. nice enough restaurant, but not on the same level as tfl, manresa, gary danko, etc.

      1. Look into AQ, a new board fave.

        We ate at Boulevard recently and were underwhelmed. Our fish main was not exciting & slightly overcooked. Pricey too.

        1. Manresa will cater dinners in a remote location. For this reason i suspect they might be somewhat flexible with their offerings for a group. You might try calling them to see if they can accommodate.

          you might also check out the private dining at boulette's larder, but i've never tried it.