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Oct 29, 2012 03:50 PM

Is this a viable substitution?

I am looking at a recipe for dal which calls for tamarind. I don't have tamarind but I do have pomegranate molasses. Do you think it would give a similar sweet/sour taste for the dish? Not ideal, but given Hurricane Sandy I'm not in the mood to venture out to shop.

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  1. Actually, yes - that sounds like a really good sub. You could also use lime, but it doesn't have the same fruity sweetness that tamarind has. Maybe use a little less molasses than tamarind, though - I feel like it's a little stronger/sweeter.

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      Thanks! If we keep power, I'll report back on the result

    2. I reckon it will work well but it will be sweeter than tamarind. Might need a squeeze of lime or lemon to set it off.