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Oct 29, 2012 03:32 PM

Sadly Indian Spicy Kitchen changed owners - where did they go?????

FYI for those that enjoyed Indian Spicy Kitchen on Parmer and I35, and one of the only places serving nepalese dishes, the owners have switched seemingly overnight. I was there last week for my weekly helpings of some of the best chicken curry I've ever had, along with lovely eggplant, lentil, and chickpea dishes and what my colleague and I also say is the best chicken tikka masala we've ever had (probably due to the tandoor). Today, the gentlemanly host and the two ladies that cooked that scrumptious line-up were gone along with their menu. All of it has been replaced with south indian fare that frankly, was for the most part, gross (the goat curry was sweetened???? yukkk !!). They may hit their stride, but if I'm going to risk a good afternoon of heartburn on spicy Indian, it will be Asiana every time.

If anyone knows where the lovely three from Nepal took their pots and pans and skills, please let us know. What a sad loss and so far, unworthy replacement.

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  1. where on parmer/I35 is this?
    i've been to the indian place in the HEB shopping plaza, and it was just ok.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      Same place, east side of 35 in the HEB lot. Well if you thought that was just ok, the new owners' dishes may really underwhelm. Although now it's south indian fare. But I would go to Sarovar or best yet Asiana for that.

      1. re: slowcoooked

        looks like the place i went to is called taj mahal (original, i know...).
        i felt the dinner was a little overpriced for what it was, and i even had a deal for it.
        pretty standard fare. nothing special.

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          Yeah, Taj Mahal is below average even for this town in my opinion.