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Oct 29, 2012 03:04 PM

Help. Need some food/drink suggestions for Indy.

I am going to be in Indianapolis for a "bachelor" weekend before my friend gets married next month. We already plan to check out the Rathskeller before the Jim Gaffigan show on Nov 3, but I am looking for some suggestions on breweries, pubs, good local places, etc. Anyone have any ideas? I'm especially interested in the local breweries.

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  1. Flat 12, Sun King, & Fountain Square Brewing have tasting rooms I know. We've only been to Flat 12 and enjoyed it.

    Bars we've visited with good beer selections: MacNivens and Chatham Tap (walkable from Rathskeller) and then there's Twenty Tap which is north of DT and on the way to Broad Ripple. It is also close to a tasting room for Upland Brewery. In Broad Ripple, there is a Brugge Brasserie a Belgian-themed spot that brews their own beer (and plenty of other bars...).

    I believe there is a bar in City Market that focuses on Indiana beers that I have wanted to check out when we're in town, but we haven't gotten there yet.

    1. In addition to the places bte576 has mentioned -

      If you do go to Broad Ripple (BR) (about 6 miles from downtown) (Google it) then you should also drop by the Broad Ripple Brewpub. The "main drag" of BR, Broad Ripple Avenue (in reality 62nd Street) is lined w/ pubs/bars and the place can get rowdy on weekend nights. A new brewery on BR Ave is Scotty's Thr3e Wise Men (Indiana chain). .

      Also, you might want to consider calling up Googlemaps (, center in on Indianapolis overall, then type in (i.e. "search") "breweries" or "pubs" etc and check out the sites so displayed.

      Have you searched on CH for threads on Indy with detailed suggestions for food & pubs & "local color"? There are quite a few threads which contain info that is still largely current.