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Oct 29, 2012 02:39 PM

Best of Cancun for Angeleno in 24 hours

I live in Los Angeles and will be in Cancun for 24 hours before heading to Playa del Carmen. I'm looking for seafood/Mexican only (unless there is something else that is very special and not to be missed), with an atmosphere/experience that is cheap, local, and casual. Any suggestions on the road to PDC would also be very appreciated.

I've been going through some threads and see many mentions of Los de Pescado or Los Pescadillos for the pork tacos - I can't tell, however, which one the consensus is about as I've also seen people confused about different spelling variations.

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  1. They wouldn't be recommending Los de Pescado or other for pork tacos, but for pescaditos. For good seafood by the lagoon in the hotel zone, I'd go to El Fish Frittanga for lunch.

    If you are taking the bus to Playa in the morning, you need to eat breakfast just outside the bus station in Cancun. There are two taco carts...go to the cart run by the women, not the men. I always get a taco de camaron empanizado and whatever other guisado looks good that day. I have been going there since 1999 and it is still my first stop when I get into town. There is also a stand selling fresh organge juice and another Yucatecan lady who sells Yucatecan snacks.

    For tacos al pastor, I always go to Avenida Yaxchilan. I like El Asador, Los Arcos, and El Piemonte. El Piemonte has great tacos but have consistently gotten pricier and pricier. I'll eat there anyway on vacation. I also like Le Bons in Mercado 28 for cheap casual evening tacos. Most of these places don't even open until 7pm. All fit the bill for cheap, local, and casual.

    I also like Super Carne for arrachera on Avenida Coba near Walmart.

    1. If we have to get an early flight from Cancun we stay by the bus station and go to Sanborn's which is across the street. Sanborn's are all over Mexico, some are good, some not. This particular one is very good..

      1. On the road to PDC? Puerto Morelos is just a few KM south of Cancun on 307, and Los Pelicanos near the dock and access road is excellent. If you are traveling in the morning, it is the only place I know of anywhere where you can enjoy grilled conch with eggs for breakfast at sunrise on the water.
        GY recommends Super Carne for arrachera, they have a location in PDC also. Cancun to PDC is a pretty quick drive now, 45 minutes or less.