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Oct 29, 2012 02:38 PM

Searching for salsa East of Robertson/La Cienega

When I lived on the Westside there was a small market (Palms Market) that sold various 'homemade' salsas such as tomatillo, chile de arbol, generic red, pico de gallo etc. Since moving closer to Koreatown, I haven't had any luck finding something similar in this area. Any recommendations of markets/carnicerias East of Robertson and West of Downtown?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Off the top of my head, try R-Ranch Market on Adams and Redondo.

    1. I have been making my own salsa for many years until I recently tried the Del Real brand of
      Chile Molcajete Rojo from Costco. I never would try store bought until this one and believe me, it tastes like it was made in a molcajete and like it's homemade. Recommended it to many of my latino friends and family and they're all believers. Not sure if all Costco's carry it but worth a try to locate. I buy mine in the Montebello store. Some branches of Super A markets also carry it.

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        Del Rey is pretty good. I also really like the Casa Sanchez brand you can get at Whole Foods or Sprouts...


      2. I live in Los Feliz and am looking for the same, so suggestions near(ish) to my area would be appreciated!

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          I would imagine that Jons might have Salsas in their Deli...