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Oct 29, 2012 02:00 PM

Unique Orlando Place Close To Turnpike?

Will be passing by Orlando on Turnpike. Looking for a recommendation for a mom and pop place known for something unique. My first choice would be a breakfast place, but lunch will also work. The closer to the Turnpike the better.

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  1. If you get off at the Winter Garden exit instead of an Orlando exit you have a few lunch choices. Yellow Dog Eats is a cute little sandwich, salad and barbecue shop in a historic building in Gotha. JR's Attic is a cute little choice on Winter Garden's quaint Plant Street. You can also try 4 Rivers Smokehouse, a great barbecue place in Winter Garden. There's not much near the 17-92 exit. Maybe Padrino's for sorta upscale Cuban, or Sushi House for sushi in a chic space.

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      Excellent ideas. Really really appreciate it.