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Oct 29, 2012 01:46 PM


I have recently been have cravings for these eggs rolls again. I lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and was saddened when they closed. No other chinese place has come close to there eggs rolls, rice or sauce. I saw in some threads about a year or two ago that some people feel they have come close to duplicating the taste. If you are one of those people PLEASE POST your version of the recipe. Please:)

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  1. have you ever found a recipe? I am been seeking for years!

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    1. re: ccexxp1

      No, I haven't. Unfortunately the people who have claimed they have come close to the recipe or know it will not post it:( If I ever find it, O will post

      1. re: FrancePariss

        this is my recollection despite numerous people believing they have recreated these unique and delicious egg rolls

        1. re: FrancePariss

          Any luck finding that recipe for those delicious egg rolls in the past couple of years?