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Oct 29, 2012 01:06 PM

Fig & Olive - Is it still there

Never hear any chatter. Is it finally gone.

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    1. re: cacio e pepe

      Not this one. I thought it was the worst service I have ever had anywhere. I know many people who share that feeling. It is interesting that it went from a CH darling to radio silence. As it should be.

      1. re: Thor123

        Exactly. Sometimes I eat at a restaurant and think it was a waste of my money. When I ate at Fig and Olive I actually thought it was a waste of my time. It had no redeeming qualities and many offensive ones. Please let it be gone!

    2. Is Fig & Olive gone? Did it close???

      1. Ate there last night. Food was a bit hit or miss. One friend really enjoyed her striped bass en papillote; another liked her branzino quite a bit. My carrot and thyme soup was lovely. However, the zucchini carpacchio was terribly disappointing, especially considering the price (someone just sliced a raw squash thinly and tossed pine nuts atop the dish). The crostini, apparently the signature appetizer, were only so-so; I definitely could have put these together at home with a little canned fig jam, marcona almonds and boxed crackers. The pot de creme was smooth and tasty but nothing special.

        However, I must say that the service was wonderful! I was concerned about this, given the reviews I have read on CH. Our greeter, server and bussers were all extremely friendly, helpful and attentive. No attitude whatsoever.