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Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month (Nov 2012) Voting

This is the voting thread for Dish of the Month Minneapolis-St. Paul, November 2012. Everyone gets one vote. To vote, use ALL CAPS to vote for the dish. You may vote regardless of whether you participated in the nomination thread, which can be found here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/875062

Here are the nominees, in alphabetical order:





Voting will be open until 8 PM PST, October 31. At that point, we'll have the Minneaplos-St. Paul Dish of the Month

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  1. Can't think of more than 2 places that serve chili (Wendy's being one of them) or Cassoulet. Spring Rolls is somewhat-similar establishments as Pho.



          1. Has to be chili, just made a big pot of bison chili, wow is it good!!

            1. OMELETTES, cause I love me a good French omelette. And don't know where to get one anymore.

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              1. re: Rowdy

                Lucia's usually has them on the Sat/Sun brunch menu. Check online before you go because the menu changes every week.

                1. re: ChillyDog

                  Thanks! I'll give them a try and see how the omelette stacks up.

              2. I'm interested in omelet criteria. Should the outside be lightly browned or is a set yellow exterior acceptable?

                How should any internal ingredients be treated - veggies sauteed first before being folded in to the inside if you like ingredients included?

                In short, what is your ideal omelet?

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                1. re: bkmnus

                  Starting at about 3:30 the perfect omelette by Jacques P

                  I just make these at home using a non-stick pan and a pair of chopsticks. Like this:

                  I don't have much hope of finding an omelette like Jacques Pepin makes in a local restaurant, and even if someone could make one it would be cold by the time it got to the table.

                2. The winner is omelets! Here's a link to the reporting thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/875926