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Oct 29, 2012 12:25 PM

Sauce for pork tenderloin.

I am making roasted pork tenderloin marinated in garlic, pineapple and, apple cider. Garden salad and mushroom couscous on the side. Any ideas for a sauce for the pork? I usually do an apple chutney but, I will not have time to make it. Any help? Thank you.

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  1. I believe you already have the ingredients for a nice sauce. Make it from pineapple and apple cider with a bit of ginger. Whole apples would work better but the apple juice could be used in its place.

    Cut a couple of peeled/cored apples into pieces and puree. Finely grate a finger of ginger.
    Chop (or used canned chopped) pineapple. About 14 ounce can should do it.
    Heat apples/pineapple over low flame until beginning to bubble, add ginger. Stir and simmer 4 - 5 minutes.
    Alternatively, add some apple cider to the chopped pineapple and bring to simmer. Taste and adjust to balance. Continue cooking to reduce liquid. When syrupy, add ginger and continue simmer for 2 minutes.

    1. I enjoy a blueberry or raspberry gastrique. Pretty simple in that it's just the fruit, sugar, and vinegar cooked down and then strained. Blueberry works really well with pork.

      1. I like a soy-sauce and dark chocolate (85%) reduction.

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          That sounds very good. I will give it a try. 50/50 on the ratio?

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            That's typically what I do, but adjust it based on your taste preferences. Sometimes I will thin it out with some of the pan drippings.

        2. This is probably a bit hackneyed, but a mustard-caper sauce may offset some of the sweetness from the pinapple/apple cider (assuming you meant soft cider, not hard cider.).

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            The best sauce I ever had on pork tenderloin was a Mexican Red Mole sauce..If you google the recipe it looks too complicated to attempt but its a forgiving sauce and i skip some of the ingrdients that are just too hard to could even work in your juice flavors in it...Sprinkle toasted sessame seeds on it as a garnish.

          2. I love mostarda sauce on roasted meats. Mostarda is an Italian candied fruit and mustard sauce. It's also great on firm cheeses. You can purchase it ready made.

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              that sounds delicious and I had not heard of it...Ill have to look for it...I have a confession,I eat Mincemeat with a spoon out of the jar like some people eat peanut butter so this sounds right up my alley!!