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Oct 29, 2012 10:27 AM

Fine Liquor Store in Vegas

We're arriving in Vegas next week, from Toronto, Ontario, the land of government controlled liquor and beer stores. This results in a limited selection and high prices of wine and liquor. I'd really like to return to Canada with a couple bottles of good quality liquors we can't get (or are very expensive) here in Toronto.

I'm especially interested in high quality rums (Zacapa is my current favourite) and bourbon we can't get. My in-laws are also big scotch drinkers so it would be nice to get them a gift.

Can you please recommend a store(s) with good selection of rum, bourbon and/or scotch? We also love collecting bitters so cocktail specialty shops would be great, too!

We are staying on the Strip but will have a car and am willing to travel up to 30 min off-strip.


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  1. Checkout Lee's Discount Liquor. They have several locations around town. Don't let the "discount" fool you. They are rated the best liquor stores every year in Las Vegas. They usually have the best prices with the prices.

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    1. re: Eric

      I agree. If it has alcohol in it, you'll find it at Lee's. They have products I've never heard of.

    2. Total Wines and More is much better than Lee's. Lee's does have a lot of stores, Total has two.

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      1. re: lv1964

        Second for Total wine. Great selection and smart staff.

        1. re: rednyellow

          Of the larger stores in town, I'd definitely go to Total Wine. Better selection than Lee's, better pricing on most items, and MUCH friendlier service.

          Of the smaller stores in town, I'd visit Khoury's fine Wine and Spirits on Eastern Ave. Can't vouch for their bourbon or rum selection as I am more of a beer and wine guy, but the service there is the best in town.

          1. re: Whisper

            I love beer and wine, too, but with the customs regulations I think it's more "worth it" to bring back liquor.

            If you have suggestions for great local beers/wines I should try while in town (and where), I'd love to hear them!

            1. re: foxymoron

              Ellis Island Casino microbrews their own beer and root beer. It is on Koval Lane at Flamingo right behind Ballys. They have a good off the menu steak special that's available twenty four/seven. It includes a twenty ounce micro brewed beer or root beer, soup or salad, ten ounce top sirloin, garlic green beans and rice or potatoes.

              1. re: Eric

                Great suggestion.

                Having tried it once, I'm never EVER likely to wait another hour and a half for a Sizzler quality meal in a crappy casino. YMMV.

                Seriously... why does anybody think that the steak special at Ellis Island is somehow... uh... special? There's a good reason that it's cheap and it's not because the special is a loss leader.

      2. Thanks for your feedback, everyone!

        Just looking at Total Wine's website shows my bottle of Zacapa is in stock and listed at $40, 50% off the price in Ontario. I will definitely visit it and likely, Lee's as well, since it's closer.