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Oct 29, 2012 10:02 AM

quick lunch near the convention center?

Any ideas? I like anything tasty :-)

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  1. This has been asked here before - more than once:) Please do a search on this board and you will get lot's of past recommendations!

    1. You are two blocks away from a great seafood lunch at Blueacre (7th & Olive).

      1. Blueacre is a good choice. Some other ideas are to walk up the hill to Melrose Market where you can grab an excellent sandwich at Homegrown or go to Taylor's Shellfish and have them shuck you some oysters at their small bar and grab some chowder.
        You can also get a good quick lunch at Wild Rye right in the convention center or the crepe place right on Pike outside the convention center.

        1. Thanks! I tried to search but couldn't find posts

          1. You might consider Pike Place Chowder down near the market, about a half mile away, or Serious Pie and/or Dahlia Bakery, again a half mile, though in another direction.

            Steelhead Diner is also open for lunch, also at the market, probably just a hair over half a mile away, and is definitely worth considering.