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Oct 29, 2012 09:46 AM

What are you cooking/preparing during the storm?

Ahead of power cuts and the like, what are you doing?

For example, I'm triaging my freezer and fridge. Stuff that won't survive a power cut well is going first. Yes, the prepared foods like my Trader Joe's frozen tamales. Frozen meat is a keeper since I'd have to defrost it anyway, and I can put it on the grill. Likewise my frozen homemade split pea soup. (On the grill in a stockpot.)

I might do some baking later, as I have some frozen berries that also won't keep. Besides, it'll keep the house warm.

I recommend that you print any great ideas, since, well, you get the idea. ;)

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  1. eating the yogurt in my fridge as fast as I can! (my fridge is pretty empty at this point)

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      If it's active culture, and you have milk, keep a few tablespoons of yogurt as starter. You might be able to recover any leftover milk by making more yogurt!

    2. Thanks what a great post! I am making stuffed peppers came here to look for a recipe! Also making sweet potatos and boiled eggs. Trying to think of things that don't have to be cooked. Meat on the BBQ great idea!

      1. I'm making pot roast. Doing it all on the stovetop which I've never done before but the power is out so I can't use the oven. I'll make some buttered egg noodles to go with and it will be a comforting meal on this very uncomfortable day.

        1. Here's a good one for you. We still have power, but our fridge conked out on us yesterday. So we get to pretend that we don't have power. Spent the morning cleaning out the fridge & stuffing all the saveables into a Coleman cooler, & little Igloo cooler, & SIX (count 'em, six) styrofoam boxes that I've saved from food items I've orderd over the years. (I'm guessing my hubby will now stop chastising me for rat-pack saving them all this time - lol!!). Anyway - everything is on & covered with ice & weighted down out on our deck where it's quite cold at the moment.

          The fridge freezer is packed solid, so those items should be fine for at least a couple of days as is. With any luck & nothing too catastrophic, we'll go new-fridge shopping Wednesday.

          As for cooking? We have a nice propane 2-burner camp stove that I can make nice meals on if necessary. "Shrimp Newburg" is on the menu, as are "Chili Dogs", "Krab Rolls", "Turkey Kielbasa with sauteed kale & mashed potatoes", any variety of omelets - if nothing else, we won't starve.

          1. Since our power went out at 9pm last night, we were able to have a hot dinner...had prev defrosted leftover veggie enchilada casserole, so nuked it to reheat and ate with some guac and cold beer. Hanging out this afternoon at someone's house who still has power. We had a hot lunch at Wegmans supermarket in Princeton area, they had power, so hot soup was comforting.
            Have tuna in pouch, likely to be sandwiches for dinner.