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What are you cooking/preparing during the storm?

Ahead of power cuts and the like, what are you doing?

For example, I'm triaging my freezer and fridge. Stuff that won't survive a power cut well is going first. Yes, the prepared foods like my Trader Joe's frozen tamales. Frozen meat is a keeper since I'd have to defrost it anyway, and I can put it on the grill. Likewise my frozen homemade split pea soup. (On the grill in a stockpot.)

I might do some baking later, as I have some frozen berries that also won't keep. Besides, it'll keep the house warm.

I recommend that you print any great ideas, since, well, you get the idea. ;)

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  1. eating the yogurt in my fridge as fast as I can! (my fridge is pretty empty at this point)

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      If it's active culture, and you have milk, keep a few tablespoons of yogurt as starter. You might be able to recover any leftover milk by making more yogurt!

    2. Thanks what a great post! I am making stuffed peppers came here to look for a recipe! Also making sweet potatos and boiled eggs. Trying to think of things that don't have to be cooked. Meat on the BBQ great idea!

      1. I'm making pot roast. Doing it all on the stovetop which I've never done before but the power is out so I can't use the oven. I'll make some buttered egg noodles to go with and it will be a comforting meal on this very uncomfortable day.

        1. Here's a good one for you. We still have power, but our fridge conked out on us yesterday. So we get to pretend that we don't have power. Spent the morning cleaning out the fridge & stuffing all the saveables into a Coleman cooler, & little Igloo cooler, & SIX (count 'em, six) styrofoam boxes that I've saved from food items I've orderd over the years. (I'm guessing my hubby will now stop chastising me for rat-pack saving them all this time - lol!!). Anyway - everything is on & covered with ice & weighted down out on our deck where it's quite cold at the moment.

          The fridge freezer is packed solid, so those items should be fine for at least a couple of days as is. With any luck & nothing too catastrophic, we'll go new-fridge shopping Wednesday.

          As for cooking? We have a nice propane 2-burner camp stove that I can make nice meals on if necessary. "Shrimp Newburg" is on the menu, as are "Chili Dogs", "Krab Rolls", "Turkey Kielbasa with sauteed kale & mashed potatoes", any variety of omelets - if nothing else, we won't starve.

          1. Since our power went out at 9pm last night, we were able to have a hot dinner...had prev defrosted leftover veggie enchilada casserole, so nuked it to reheat and ate with some guac and cold beer. Hanging out this afternoon at someone's house who still has power. We had a hot lunch at Wegmans supermarket in Princeton area, they had power, so hot soup was comforting.
            Have tuna in pouch, likely to be sandwiches for dinner.

            1. We lost power at 4 PM yesterday -- BUT -- cooktop is gas! Used my butane candle lighter to light burners. Heated up pasta sauce and made spaghetti. Somehow, meals like that taste especially good. Power came back on at 11 this morning. Thank you PSE+G!

              1. I made meatballs, since if we lost power I'm happy eating those cold and could keep them in our cooler for a day or two with some ice. Also made a few batches of shortbread cookies to work out the nervous energy. We were one of the lucky ones - never lost power so I also made stew and tonight will be making roasted chicken to send to my sister who doesn't have power. And I might follow a friend's idea and have a "Suck It Sandy" party and just let anyone whose tired of pre-packaged room temp foods come over and make some chili and cornbread and more cookies or whatever.

                1. Bounty from the summer garden is paying off in the form of my wife's home made roasted tomato sauce/gravy with hand made pasta dressed with the first new pressed olive oil from a local deli importer that we picked up a day before Sandy hit. Gas range and HW heater have been a blessing allowing us to cook and wash. Ice coolers and gasoline lines are reminiscent of Beirut in the '90's. Dinner by candle light and opening several Sagrantino de Montefalcone's from 2000 and 01 have made for wonderful dinners a couple nights in a row now. Blessings duly counted.

                  1. We were lucky that we only experienced a power outage for a few days (Monday nite to Thursday nite).
                    My wife and daughter made a lasagna using our backyard gas grill. Turned out great!

                    1. Got a rack of ribs on the smoker...

                      1. Pulled out our grills and cooked outside for four days. Ahead of time, we made bags of ice up to help keep the frozen stuff frozen and ate a decent amount of eggs & toast! Neighbors pulled together with generators for java and cell recharging.

                        Our best to everyone still dealing with the aftermath. Our lights didn't go on until today.

                        Hill & J

                        1. Sunday night I made scallops in a lime cream sauce with yellow rice and cauliflower casserole and then smoked a few racks of ribs overnight through Monday morning. I made a big pot of split pea soup to have with a loaf of olive bread. Tuesday I used our gas stove to make meatballs and gnocci and then we used up the last of our eggs and milk for french toast for breakfast Wednesday before we decided to leave town and head to Philly.

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                            Thank God for gas as we were able to cook on the stove top as well as having hot showers (finally got power on Sat nite here at the Shore).

                            Comfort food (Meatloaf) on the stove top with mashed and fresh green beans from the farmers market which we shared with some neighbors who were without. Lebanese Red Lentil Soup one day for lunch (thank God for fresh cilantro). Made a nice Chicken Salad using one of the supermarket pre cooked roaster chickens with Gala apples, and what produce I had left in the fridge. And had a T Bone steak dinner Wednesday as my wife was feeling the pangs of not having a decent meal since Sunday. Just a bit difficult to eat to candlepower.

                            While one has to eat, and the above looks like we ate well - my appetite isn't what it used to be. Been drinking a lot of water and once hydrated, a lot of vodka to kill the pain.

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                              I'm so very sorry for your pain Jake.

                              Can you tell me if Harrigan's in Spring Lake had any damage? I had a lot of fun there this summer. Nice people.

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                                If it's Harrigan's on 71, just south of Spring Lake actually (not trying to split hairs, merely making sure I am referring to the correct spot), to which you inquire, then I can report that they did not seem to have any significant damage. They were without power, like everyone around here, for over a week. Several places, possibly Harrigan's as well, opened for limited hours with limited offerings under generator power.

                          2. Some frozen chili and green chili stew, pasta with tomato or pesto sauce and chicken or shrimp, hot cider and coffee. The milk, eggs, cheese, butter, cured and cooked meat, and other bottled condiments, all kept very well (as mother nature intended perhaps) but veggies went bad fast. Great to be back on the grid after a week without power or internet!

                            1. I didn't prepare at all for Sandy and was lucky to have a generator on hand and power out for only 24 hours. I still have family without power from the superstorm and even our neighbors just on the next block up the street have never once gotten a spark of power yet since last Monday.

                              I'm nervous about this nor'easter. I topped up the tank of my SUV with gas and hit the grocery store for canned soup, broth, bread, peanut butter, and jelly. I donated my extra canned goods to the emergency shelters the day after Sandy hit.

                              I really hope that this storm makes a quick turn out to sea or something, but from what I'm seeing... it is intensifying. This area cannot handle another wind/rain/storm surge event.

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                                When we finally got our power back on after almost 4 days after Sandy we made a big pot of
                                Bacon Corn Chowder......Oh Soooo Good !

                              2. I had cooked a good size smoked Pork shoulder with a Legume mix, Carrots and Potatoes the day before the Hurricane. We lost power during Sandy somewhere around 5 pm. The generator took care of heat and lights, but I couldn't use the stove. So I used my Slow cooker to warm up the Pork shoulder dish for a couple of days and then I cooked mostly with an electric frying pan. That worked pretty well. We finally got power back on Nov 8., 11 days later !! I was so happy I cooked us a couple of nice Lobster to celebrate! Now I can finally start my Christmas baking - 2 weeks late.