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Oct 29, 2012 09:25 AM

Galette de Crabe

I am making the famous Le Bec Fin crab cake recipe (Galette de Crabe) from the restaurant in Philadelphia.

My question is if anyone has made this dish and do I absolutely need the ring molds???

Thank you for your help.

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  1. You don't need ring molds. If you want to mold them you can use a cookie cutter or anything that resembles a "mold".

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    1. re: todao

      Unfortunately, I don't have anything that will suffice. The damned modern tuna cans have a rounded edge on the bottom and my can opener will not cut them.

      Have you made them?? Can I do them free form?

      1. re: Unkle Al

        I've made them using the free form method. They're not as pretty but they are still delicious.
        I might suggest free forming them on a sheet of parchment so you can get a spatula under them. That'd make it easier to lift them enroute to the pan.
        Their difficult to handle in free form but, if you've got the patience, you can do it. You may have to do some reshaping as soon as they enter to pan (I use to spatulas to push any lose pieces together).

        1. re: todao

          Thank you so much. I may try the plumbing department at Home Depot when the storm on the east coast ends.

          1. re: todao

            I found terrific ring molds (stainless steel, 3" diameter and 2" high) at Home Depot.

            I've been cooking both difficult dishes and simple dishes in many cuisines for almost forty years. I have never experienced a failure such as this one is. The mousse was so soft that it completely fell apart and I was unable to turn it to brown the second side even after I increased the cooking time on the first side from 2 minutes to five minutes. Everything was ice cold, as required by the recipe.

            I am not seeking comments on why this happened, I will never try this recipe again. I will salvage the mixture by converting it into a rich crab gratin.

          2. re: Unkle Al

            You can use a tuna can even without the bottom cut out - just pack it in, then invert it onto a cutting board and give it a good whack to get it to come out in one piece, then move to a plate with a large spatula.

        2. You might try water chestnut or bamboo shoot cans. I've hoarded 6 or 8 for years. I haven't bought water chestnuts or bamboo shoots for a long time, so I don't know if that's still the case.

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          1. re: nemo

            I'll look for them. Thank you.

          2. I am resurrecting this post because I keep asking myself why this recipe did not work for me….twice (as noted in my post dated October 30, 2012)

            I truly believe that the recipe is incorrect because as noted in my original post the two cups of cream made the mousse too thin.

            I was reminded of my failure when I recently ran into George Perrier the famous chef and owner of Le Bec Fin who is now retired. He assured me that the recipe was correct.

            I therefore ask the help from anyone interested in making this delicious, decadent, famous (and expensive) crab cake by following the original recipe calling for two cups of heavy cream. I would be very much obliged if someone would take a crack at the dish and report back as to whether it was successful.

            Please note the following:

            First, the original recipe copied from the web but confirmed by my own copy of the Le Bec Fin cookbook:




            But, I also found a recipe from Pierre Franey a famous French chef, author, New York Times columnist (60 Minute Gourmet) and associate of Craig Claiborne and George Perrier. This recipe is markedly different than the original in that there is much less cream and less egg while the quantity of crabmeat and shrimp remain the same as in the original recipe.


            and this one, again with less egg and less cream:


            I hope that this challenge interests some of the Chowhounders out there.

            Thank you.