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Oct 29, 2012 09:14 AM

Help -- too much curry!

Home during the hurricane, I decided to roast and make soup from the farmer's market butternut squashes that have been rolling around my kitchen floor. All's well -- squash roasted, onions sweated, garlic and ginger added, then apple cider and chicken broth -- until I put in some curry powder and then decided to put in more! Why? I can't explain -- perhaps the barometric pressure got to me.

So now all I can taste is curry powder. Is there any solution to this problem, other than stirring in a lot of yogurt when we finally eat it?


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  1. Do you have a can of pumpkin? Along with some chicken stock this might expand the soup and lessen the curry taste.
    The yogurt is a good idea, too.
    Wishing you safety during the hurricane!

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    1. I've found the only reliable way to compensate for too much of something is, as pages suggested, expand the volume of soup.

      1. You may find the curry taste is not as strong if you refrigerate and reheat. I usually under curry and have to add more.

        1. The can of pumpkin is a perfect idea, and I don't think a mashed or finely diced potato or two would hurt the integrity of the soup either, if you're trying to save the soup!

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            potatoes, a little sugar, maybe some diced and fried ginger or browned onion slices, fresh cilantro or other herb garnishes, lemon juice - all these things can expand the flavor dimensions or your soup so that its not so curry-centric

          2. Chow saved the day once again! I added a big can of pumpkin and more broth, and also some carmelized onions that had been languishing in the freezer. Blended the whole thing, and finished with some slightly suspicious light cream that needed to be used. Now it's wonderful! Thanks!!