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Oct 29, 2012 09:08 AM

Capon for Thanksgiving

We are having 6 people, a much smaller crowd this year. We are not leftover fans, kids won't eat "recycled" food. Was thinking of 7-8 lb. capon, as capon is juicier than turkey. Some questions:

- roast whole? aromatics in cavity?
- spatchcock?
- dry rub?
- marinade?
- flavor suggestions for gravy (maple syrup? orange liquer? lemon juice? herb?)
- Have a convection oven which has both convection BAKE (bottom element) and convection ROAST (top element) options - which to use?
- What temp and how long per pound?

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The only time I ever get to eat Capon is in Asian Restaurants....mainly Chines Style. It's either roasted or braised in a Master Soy Sauce.....the latter takes care of any brining steps, as it is submerged in the braising liquid and the liquid fills the cavity.

    One thing about using Soy creates an excellent brown or Mahogany color on the skin.

    Any traditional poultry roasting method would work. I roast turkeys between 225-275* depending on size and time concerns. With a convection oven if you choose to use the fan, you can expect two things....first, you can use a lower temperature by as much as 25-50* to achieve the same results (depending on how accurate the calibration of the oven is ). Second, the bird will finish in a shorter amount of time, (expected or not ).

    1. Roast it just like you would a big chicken.

      Sometimes when I get a smaller capon (3-4 lbs), I will steam poach it. But with such a big bird, like yours, roasting is probably the best way to go.

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        My grandmother would roast it like it a chicken for my great-grandfather on Thanksgiving. This was in addition to a turkey for the family. The capon was just for him; and he would eat the whole thing!

        She'd put a little carrot, celery, bay leaf and onion in the cavity, s&p, maybe some herbs on top.

      2. I adore capon. Two of my fav ways to prepare (range from really simple to something spicy). Really depends on your preference but both recipes will provide roasting instructions you can rely on.
        simple prep if your planned side dishes are more complex in flavor

        or this one that really spices up the bird!

        1. How about making goose? (It's all dark meat & has delicious skin - almost tastes like a combination of turkey & duck.) The smallest available tends to be 10-12lbs, and can feed 6. We have a your-goose-is-cooked-dinner with 4 friends every year & this size bird works perfectly. You can order goose from Citarella. Roast it as you would a large duck, and serve with a sauce (such as a cherry sauce) that you would make for that duck.

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            Not sure why I assumed (most likely incorrectly) that you were posting form NYC, so I apologize for suggesting you buy goose at Citarella!