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Oct 29, 2012 07:11 AM

Use or toss?

3+ year-old frozen beef short ribs with freezer burn. The vacuum seal failed. Ugh. Hate to be wasteful and toss. Do you think a highly seasoned braise could make these worth the effort?

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  1. no point throwing good money after bad. toss it.

    this may be a good lesson for you in controlling your inventory?

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      1. re: MrsJonesey

        lol, i can only imagine you have a separate freezer so stuff gets lost in there? not having that luxury of space, i rifle through my contents pretty regularly.

        i also feel like a 3-year old pile of freezer-burnt meat is long-ago sunk cost and not worth the time or energy to "maybe" salvage. please don't get me wrong, i am a very thrifty cook.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Well.....truth be told, I have "found" this same package of meat a few times since discovering the vacuum seal had failed and would ponder what to do until I forgot about it again. I would say lesson learned, but I know myself too well. Actually, I do fairly well staying on top of my inventory. No Martha Stewart here though.

        1. And I would add some beef bones, cut the meat into chunks, and make beef stock.

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          1. re: smtucker

            for stock that tastes of freezer burn?

            1. re: smtucker

              smtucker...I second the motion. One will not know the taste test results until one tries it. If the test proves to be horrible, then dump the stock.

            2. I would probably cook them up for my favorite canines. Such a shame to waste them.