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Oct 29, 2012 07:00 AM

ISO Vancouver bakeries serving up Halloween treats

I'm looking for a bakery in Vancouver that makes scary treats - Halloween cookies, cupcakes...whatever kids might enjoy.

Thanks all.

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  1. East Village had cookies, witch's fingers and cupcakes, but I think they're closed Mon/Tues, best call ahead.

    1. I too was going to suggest East Village. :-) Good luck.

      1. Fratelli Bakery on Commercial Drive & E 2nd has Halloween cupcakes and a variety of Halloween cookies - ghosts, skeletons, mummies, pumpkins, etc.

        1. The Valley Bakery on Hastings just west of Gilmore does.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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              Sweet e's on W.41st has some really cute Halloween cookies.