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Oct 29, 2012 06:41 AM

Best Mendoza Restaurants 2012

I am working in Mendoza for a few months and here are my notes on my favorite dining options:

- Brindilla: a little out of the way, small restaurant with excellent seasonal menus.

- Mun @ Casarena: excellent sushi & Asian cusine in the Barrel Room of Casarena Winery. Excellent experience to meet other people and socialize with the Chef.

- Anna Bistro -- like the name says, a bistro, with good food -- very good wine list. Romantic setting.

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  1. Thanks. We will be there next March staying at the Executive Hotel opposite the Park Italia. Are any of these within walking distance of the hotel? Or is something else you might recommend?

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    1. re: DUH CAR

      Anna Bistro is walkable - the other two require a taxi/remis -- many of the best restaurants in Mendoza require an investment in transportation....luckily, taxis here are relatively inexpensive compared to larger cities like Buenos Aires...if you want to walk only, i might also suggest:

      1. re: Sushi Lush

        We're going to be on a 17 day wine tour and this is one of the few meals that we are on our own. We'll probably all be tired, stuffed and just want to stagger to something nearby so the Florentino Bistro fits the bill! I'll make note of the others just in case....

        Thanks again!