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Oct 29, 2012 04:48 AM

Starbuck's Verona Blend -- Pure Bitter

We tried this yesterday, and it is just plain bitter with hardly any coffee flavor.

At least a good porter would have some body and alcohol to redeem it.

When can I get my favorite Christmas blend?

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  1. At times, and depending on location, just about all the *$ dark roasts have that bitter/burnt taste. Some times it's the baristas' fault for not using enough water ( I saw a barista re do the Sumatra 3 time last week cause the water wasn't pouring out correctly). Most of the time, it's the roasters fault for failing to do quality control on burnt beans. You can take it back if you're in the shop/cafe and have them redo the pot/urn or you can shift to the blond (bland) blend of the day or Pikes. Or you can dump it .

    1. Sounds like you got a very bad batch. It's 'bitter' in that it's a dark roast (and Starbucks' dark roasts are way beyond the normal full city roast into a nearly burnt french roast), but it has tons of coffee flavor normally.

      1. I read that Christmas items will be in stores on November 15th.

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          thanks! i will stock up. christmas blend is a well-balanced, non-bitter blend.

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            If you watch the website Starbucks often has a few days when Christmas blend is half price. I stocked up on Christmas blend and Christmas blend espresso roast in early December last year. It's a nice blend and makes a great hostess gift.

            1. re: knowspicker

              thanks for that tip! love half-price!

              1. re: alkapal

                The sales happen on the 12 days before Christmas. Each day has something different (usually it's a buy one get one).

                It used to be you had to check online each morning to find out the sale for that day, but last year all were listed at the beginning and you could sign up for a daily email or text message for all 12 days.

                On New Year Day, the Starbucks where we stopped had the gift packs and Christmas blends (regular and espresso) marked down.

                1. re: Cathy

                  I believe it happens December 1-12 eah year. The deals are quite good.

        2. Peets Christmas/Holiday blend was released and on the shelves in local grocers on Monday. I would think Starbucks would try to be in the same time frame.

          Verona has been my favorite Starbucks blend for more than ten years. Your batch must be something they did wrong. If you saved the rest of the beans, maybe return to a Starbucks store to let them know.

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          1. re: Cathy

            You might be right. I just Googled and there's a countdown: "just over two days until the red cups" arrive in Starbucks stores. Nov 15 did seem late to me.


          2. Last Christmas I received a small bottle of Starbucks peppermint syrup - what a potent potable!