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Oct 29, 2012 12:35 AM

What is this Thai noodle dish called?

What is this called and where can I find it in Vancouver? Had this 6 years ago in Chang Mai. Apparently this is a Northern Thailand specialty. It tasted similar to laksa. Thanks!

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  1. It looks like it might be Khao Soi Gai - "Chiang Mai Noodle Curry with Chicken". I'm guessing here, but I'm basing my guess on a few cooking courses I took in Chiang Mai (we made this dish). If you can't find it in a restaurant I'm happy to post the recipe I have for it.

    Basically it's deep fried egg noodles with chicken and coconut milk, and a yellow curry paste, topped with pickled cabbage and other accompaniments. Does that sound like what you're thinking of?

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      Looks like Reiney's got the bullseye:

      I never had this dish, but I do recall a variation of it that my cousin's wife (Chinese but born in Burma) made for us once. At the time I thought it was just laksa,

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        That Burmese version you had, is it the "Mohinga"? It's the Burmese national dish:

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          No it wasn't. Although she made us mohinga too in the past. I admit I'm not a fan of mohinga.

          But here's a good article in my magazines collection about mohinga:

          FWIW, Naomi Duguid (Hot Sour Salty Sweet, Seductions of RIce, Flatbreads and Flavors, etc.) just released her latest book, "Burma - Rivers of Flavor":

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        OH MY GOD THAT"S IT! You have no idea how thrilled I am at this point! This is one of my most memorable meals. Extremely tasty and it was eaten with wonderful company a long time ago... I've been craving it off and on since. Now begins the hunt for best khao soi in vancouver. Thanks!

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          klyeoh, nice to see your post on here.

          what are your other fav noodle dish, besides khao soi? ATM, I am keen on, well balanced ramen with freshly made noodles.

          The two restaurants you mentioned, one of which is closed and replaced by Banana Leaf.
          The other is a lesser known but solid Thai resto, at least the two times I was there. Which was a few years ago.

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            My other fave *Thai* noodle dish, besides "khao soi", is the drastically different 'kuai tiau ratna" - whereas "khao soi" (Thai: ข้าวซอย) is spicy & soupy, "kuai tiau ratna" (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้า) has a sticky, unctuous braised meat/seafood sauce. The former uses egg/wheat noodles whereas the latter uses flat, rice noodles (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยว, akin to Chinese "hor fun").

        2. Chad Thai on Hastings in Burnaby serves a version of this which I enjoyed the other day; it's not quite what I dimly remember from Chiang Mai but still pretty good. Decent Pad Thai as well; haven't tried their curries.