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Oct 29, 2012 12:31 AM

Name of this dish from Northern Thailand?

I ate this 6 years ago in Chang Mai. Oddly enough, this ranks as one of the most memorable meals I've had! Apparently this is a northern Thailand specialty. It tasted similar to laksa. I cannot find this dish anywhere. Thanks!

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  1. Khao Soi. The Chang Mai version (with coconut milk) is renowned. Supposedly laborious to make, so it will not usually appear on a regular menu in the US. I have seen it as a special, though.

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        Khao Soi is not that laborious to make if you are making a large amount of it. The problem is that it is more of a meal than one of many dishes - so it would do better in a shop specializing as a noodle place. Usually you will find it here where they make a large pot of curry with pork or chicken (usually the pork or chicken is sorted out and the curry sauce is left in a huge stock pot type of pot -- keeping it warm). A stack of fried noodles also at one side. You go in and order it and they cook the wet noodles and put it in a bowl, pour the curry sauce in with either pork or chicken then you have a bunch of other stuff that you can add to it. Basically the dish fits into more of a noodle place that will serve that plus a number of other options. I actually think it would make a great food court shop for lunchtime.

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          Your 'food court' comment is a good point. There are so many ways a dedicated Chowhound could think to make a food court better!

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            That is one food court I would turn up at again and again!

      2. I like your screen name. I actually made Curry Jello once on a dare from my daughter several years ago. She was astonished that I went ahead and ate all of it. Really skeeved her out -- she still talks about it from time to time.

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          I've been using curryjello as a handle and as my email for the last 15 years but I must admit, it never crossed my mind as being something remotely palatable. However, a sweet yellow Chinese style curry may work in jello form come to think of it.

          Thanks for the answers by the way.

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            What I made was essentially a mild Japanese-style curry flavored jello. It was only a bit challenging to eat, but not something I would make again.

        2. Bob....I name the dish Bob.

          (Sorry, running joke from another board)

          1. The Burmese also make their own version of khao swe, using coconut milk. My dad grew up in Burma and my mom learned to make it from his sisters. The Burmese version uses chicken, and is served with the thicker flour noodles (like chow mein noodles). Mohinga is a fish based version served with rice vermicelli.

            1. I'm just back from Thailand myself and have to agree that this is one of the most memorable dishes. I could pretty much eat it all day long. I wasn't able to get to northern Thailand, but found a restaurant in Bangkok that specialized in traditional dishes from various parts of the country. Their khao soi was delicious, and topped with a few tiny cubes of fresh pineapple as well as raw red onion. I would LOVE to reproduce the dish and really wish I'd found time for a cooking class while in Thailand.

              I agree khao soi is similar to laksa noodles. I don't think I've ever seen khao soi on a menu in the US, and laksa only at one restaurant in SF. I'm going to beg my local Thai restaurant to put this on their menu, though I don't think I'll get much traction there. The long term plan is actually to make friends with the owners. Maybe if I succeed they'll at least teach me how to make khao soi.