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Oct 28, 2012 07:32 PM

Kensington’s Average Joe’s above average breakfast

Finally, an excellent standard breakfast place in the Queen and Spadina area!! Average Joe’s is a family run joint. It is small and efficient and cozy. The menu is small but adequate. They make one amazingly fresh breakfast. All menu items with a drink will run under $10. The breakfast offerings include eggs and their smashed Yukon gold potato croquettes. The potatoes are really golden brown and crispy with a cool salty spice mixture on top that’s hard to figure out. The eggs are always perfect. What’s also great is that there are neat additions on the plate. Always grilled tomatoes. And lately thinly sliced cucumbers fanned out and fresh kiwi. Sausages or chicken bacon are the sides. The chicken bacon is surprisingly fantastic. Super crispy. Nothing at all greasy.
The family are very accommodating and genuine. Not trendy, no drama, just a good breakfast at a really good price.

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