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Oct 28, 2012 06:49 PM

Hawaiian Food Itinerary UPDATED

Thank you for all the suggestions from my last thread. I have added one more day to my Honolulu trip, and possibly two more days to my Maui trip. Also there has been some changes to the previous restaurants.

Honolulu- Staying at The Royal Hawaiian

Day 1: Arrive at 8:45, No Meals.

Day 2:

Lunch at The Pineapple Grill

Dinner at The House Without a Key

Day 3: Thanksgiving

Lunch at Duke's Waikiki

Dinner at Roy's Waikiki

Maui- Staying at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea

Day 4:

DInner at Ferraro's Bar e Ristorante

Day 5:

Lunch at the Pool

Dinner at Koiso

Day 6:

Brunch at Duo

Dinner at The Lobby Lounge (at the Four Seasons)

Day 7:

Lunch at the Café on the Green

Dinner at KO

Day 8+9: Undecided


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  1. HWAK is great for drinks, and pu`pus, but is NOT what I would want for dinner. I would opt for La Mer, or Orchids, in the Halekulani. For much of the ambiance of HWAK, ask for a table overlooking that venue, at La Mer.



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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Bill - currently they have a special BBQ event with grilled delights from many parts of the world and US including lobster. In December they are having a Star Chef Rising Star event that I so want to attend and probably will. I have heard really good things about L'Aperitif their new cocktail lounge with drinks paired with small bites. I really want to try L'Aperitif. I had a great dinner at Prima Kailua on Sunday night, the bouillabaisse knocked it out of the park as did (again for me) the 3 grain risotto and then the Maitake Mushroom app. Just a wonderful meal.

      1. re: manomin

        I think the BBQ has ended. That reminds me I forgot to report on a couple of venues. I'll do that in my other thread. Wish I was going to be there for the Rising Star event!

        1. re: PattyC

          I'm going. Many friends are participating. Should be really delicious. I loved your pictures from L'Aperitif. Glad you went there. I think you are right that the BBQ event ended.

        2. re: manomin

          Obviously, things have changed.

          Is the wine list still very limited?



      2. I'll assume you mean Alan Wong's Pineapple Room at Ala Moana for lunch, it is okay, but I'd just as soon go to the food halls at Shirokiya, grab a medley (gaggle?) of items and head over to Ala Moana Beach Park and eat there or head to one of the Korean yakinikus behind Ala Moana.

        I agree with Bill on the HWAK for dinner, I'd choose Orchids, I find it more relaxing than La Mer. That is unless of course they are still doing to the Tues & Thurs BBQ, then HWAK is fun.

        Koiso is about as good as sushi gets on Maui, but Oahu has a lot better sushi in general. If you want great sushi, do that on Oahu and find something else on Maui to replace it.

        Café on the Green is good for lunch or Aloha Hour, but nothing special for yes, but nice for the setting.

        Days 8 & 9, are you staying in the Wailea area? Willing to travel to Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Kahalui, etc?

        Some great places on the island to consider are Star Noodle, Plantation House, Merriman's, Mala Ocean Tavern, Sam Sato's, Local Food and David Paul's Island Grill. These places cover the gamut from fancy high end to hole-in-the-wall local spot.

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        1. re: scottca075

          I do mean Alan Wong's Pineapple Room, my previous visits there have been excellent, and I would entertain your idea but that day we will already be at the Ala Moana Center, and won't have enough time. However, does anyone else agree with scottca075?

          As for Orchids instead of HWAK, I had thought about this earlier and previously wanted to go there for thanksgiving but were booked. Is HWAK good for pupus and drinks? I had originally wanted a small dinner, can you have a small meal at Orchids?

          For sushi on Oahu we wanted to go to Sushi Sasaburne, but would need another day unless we trade it in for Orchids. Any other suggestions for sushi? I want to keep koiso because we don't currently have another Japanese restaurant and have heard good things about it

          I am willing to change Café on the Green, but might end up just eating at Ferraros again because it will be hard to leave that hotel.

          We have yet to get our hotel for those last two days but will inform you when we do

          P.S. I love Mala Ocean Tavern in Lahaina, and maybe we can go there if we find a place in Kaanapali or Kapalua

          1. re: lhenry

            Koiso is the best in the South of Maui, maybe the best on the island.

            In Honolulu I like like Sushi Izakaya Gaku, Yohei Sushi Restaurant, Yanagi Sushi, Sushi ii and maybe even like Imanas Tei better than Sasabune, which I think has way too much attitude.

            I like like Café on the Green, just like I like Duke's Barefoot Bar, for lunch, but neither is foodie food, just nice food in a fun, comfortable setting.

            And yes you can get pupus from HWAK and as far as I know the Sunset Kiawe Grill is still on Tuesdays and Thursdays and if it is, then HWAK is really worthwhile.

            1. re: lhenry

              I have found the AW Pineapple Room to be a great venue for lunch, or a much less-formal, lighter dinner. For most visits, I head to King St. and just sit back and enjoy.

              I have found the Pineapple Room service to be a tad spotty, and especially when weighed against King St., but maybe that is me, and it WAS much earlier in their existence, so much could have changed.

              We have dined three times at the Maui/Lahaina Mala Ocean Tavern, and have been unimpressed by any. However, many sign their praises, so perhaps I just missed something important?

              The same thing happened with David Paul's most recent restaurant - we had nothing but problems, and many (including some real CH friends) loved it. Different strokes...


              1. re: lhenry

                The Pineapple Room is OK for lunch and convenient when shopping. If you can spare the time to go to the adjacent Ala Moana Hotel, there you will find Yuzu, a pretty good Japanese place.

              2. re: scottca075

                Other than breakfast, and then Sunday Brunch, we have not done Orchids. Hope to rectify that in Dec.

                Thanks for the tips,


                PS - I normally find La Mer very relaxing, but maybe that is just me. It IS rather formal, and that can be a major turn-off to many. Myself? Well, I like the formal atmosphere - so long as the wine service is spot-on! [Grin]

                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Hunt-when will you be there in Dec? Would love to meet you! Chowdown?

                  1. re: UES Mayor

                    Dec 04 - 09, and staying at Halekulani.

                    If you are in Hawai`i, we'd love to meet up.

                    Drop me an e-mail at info AT huntphoto DOT com (obviously, there will be some changes there, and no spaces).

                    We also hope to do one lunch at Roy's Waikiki, as that location is getting some good reviews.

                    Right now, we have evening dining reservations, but can bump any up, as is required.



                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Will be there Dec 18-Jan 1st-perhaps next Christmas-I am there every year usually Dec 16-Jan 2.

                        1. re: UES Mayor

                          I promise to leave some opaka`paka for you... [Grin]

                          Enjoy your trip, and please post any reports.



                          1. re: manomin

                            Drop me an e-mail at hunt AT huntphoto DOT com, and we will make things happen.



                  2. Any suggestions for non-sit down/ less formal food in Honolulu and surrounds? So far I I have on my list Tita's grill, Giovanni's shrimp truck, Leonard's bakery and Boots and Kimo's.

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                      1. re: Wildsvleis

                        any of the numerous lunch wagons; the okazu places (called delicatessens here); the food courts at ala moana, don quijote, ward warehouse, international marketplace, waikiki shopping plaza downstairs; the manapua places; the plate lunch 'drive in's' (rainbow, graces, bob's, zippy's, byron's, etc)

                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                          Thanks KaimukiMan - any 'don't miss' favourites that you'd recommend?

                          1. re: Wildsvleis

                            Fukuya's okazu in Moiliili
                            Bob's BBQ on Waikamilo Road in Kalihi (not Bob's Big Boy)
                            Royal Kitchen at Mililani Street at the edge of Chinatown for baked manapua
                            Char Hung Sut in Chinatown on Pauahi or Libby Manapua in Kalihi (steamed manapua)
                            Fatty's Chinese on Kuhio in Waikiki
                            Rainbow Drive In
                            any 7-11 for really good Spam Musubi
                            Tsukenjo's Lunch Wagon @ Ward & Queen (roast pork)
                            Koi Lunchwagon at Beretania and Lauhala St.
                            Soul Patrol Lunchwagon - but you have to find out where they are that day.
                            W&M Burgers In Kaimuki on Waialae - get the Hank's Special with Teri beef.
                            Sugoi's in Iwilei at Kalani & Dillingham (in the far row of shops) Garlic Chicken

                            1. re: KaimukiMan

                              Brilliant - thank you! Adding them all into my fast-growing matchbook list.

                              1. re: Wildsvleis

                                Fatty's is undistinguished IMO, except for the cake noodle.

                              2. re: KaimukiMan

                                Soul Patrol opened a small resturant on Bishop Street, Remington Building...
                                Haven't been there, but will try if the opportunity knocks....

                            2. re: KaimukiMan

                              da fried chicken at zippys is onolicious!!

                            3. re: Wildsvleis

                              Me's BBQ, Fatty's Chinese Kitchen, Mei Sum, the Whole Ox, Tamura'a Fine Wine, Tamashiro Market, Young's Fish Market, Yama's Fish Market, Char Hung Sut, Chun Wah Kam, Libby Manapua Shop, Palace Saimin Stand, Ramen Nakamura, Goma Tei Ramen, Sushi Izakaya Gaku, Ichiriki, Yakiniku Don-Day, Sikdorak and the ultimate, Ah-Lang Restaurant, but follow the rules :)

                              1. re: scottca075

                                Scott - I went and read up about the rules... she sounds quite the character

                                1. re: Wildsvleis

                                  "Rules?" [Grin]

                                  Now I need to do MY research.


                                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                                    It is well worth finding out about.

                                    Check out the TastyIsland blog and Star Advertiser as your best bets for doing the research :)