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Oct 28, 2012 05:57 PM

Suggestions on my selection please - Jenn Air and Viking

Hi all, long time reader, first time subscriber. I have found many great ideas on this site, thought it was time to become a member. We just bough all new appliances 2yrs ago and are leaving them all behind, a 30" dual fuel GE Monogram is one of them, really like this range.

We move to a "new to us" ranch style home in Dec and we are replacing all of the current Jenn Air appliances. Currently there is a 27" double wall over, dish washer and 30" gas range top. They are all 7yrs old, home owner says she loves them all but I would like to get new. Will not be replacing the granite counter so I'm staying with a range top.

Based on a budget that I want to stick to and a lot of research this is what I just purchased this past weekend just to hold some bulk buying incentives. The PO is still open and I can make any changes I need to. I would be interested in those who have done similar things over the years to let me know what you think of my buying and selection motive. All of what I have below fit into my budget with $2,000(ish) left over for a range hood. I'm thinking of the Viking but I will wear gloves based on some of the comments I have read here.

- Jenn Air 27" double wall oven (I know 100% it will fit, this was a factor since there is already one in there

- Viking 30" sealed burner gas range top. It was either the Wolf or the Viking, I like the spacing of the burners with the large space down the middle better than the Wolf, and I like the individual grates (similar to my Monogram) rather than one solid piece for washing. I could not find many new and current bad reviews about the Viking, love the way it looks.

- Was going to do the counter depth LG (I have the 33" one now with the LED's) but I went the 36" x 72" Jenn Air counter depth as I like the water on the inside and this way I don't have to be as worried about the front water panel breaking and costing me a new fridge. Will miss the cool looks of the inside of the LG, but truthfully the lay out was not the greatest.

- Currently have a Bosh dishwasher, went with the Jenn Air for the new place as it has a larger tub and we often find the Bosh fills up quickly. Plus not as important but it will match the rest.

- Will buy a professional range hood once I have been in for a month so I can take my time to see what I really want ti to look like when we are done. It currently has a fixed cabinet over the existing range all trimmed nice where I could install a 30" insert but I think I need to break the look up as there may be too much pine. I guess I will try to sell everything on line once it all gets pulled out.

Thanks for any thoughts, I know this was a long post for my first one but I wanted to give you all my thoughts. Once I get in the new home and start using what ever I get, I will post my experience so other may benefit from my good or bad decisions. Thanks, Jason.

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  1. just installed new 30" Bluestar open burner gas cooktop --- love it - but haven't yet given it a good workout. It has 4 individual heavy individual castiron grates that all meet so easy to move pots around to the other burners. Very powerful. good luck with your selection. I did a lot of research and went with what felt most important to me.

    Oh - and not really OT - but have to say - if you are putting in new sink or faucet --- I LOVE my new stuff!

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      So you were able to the the Bluestar to work in your new kitchen.... that is great - glad to hear. Hopefully you post some pics!.

      1. re: cacruden

        Funny - i think the BlueStar got installed two days before that first post of mine - and then we had the power outage in NY due to Hurricane Sandy and lost power for 7 days - so I lit the cooktop with a candlelighter! - and cooked by flashlight! It is very powerful, which I do like, but I also wonder if there are many BlueStar shills on the internet - as there are many things about it that I am disappointed with and no one ever seems to express this! BlueStar has said they are sending out a service rep - so we will see where that gets us. Today I had a cabinet guy take away my two drawers that used to sit under the cooktop but now no longer fit as BlueStar is a deeper cooktop than my last one - I knew I was going to encounter this situation but so desperately convinced myself that I had to have the BlueStar!

    2. Viking has not been getting very many glowing comments lately on this site, nor at Gardenweb. You might want to search for the posts as this will be a large purchase. I believe the posts regarding Jenn Air have been more positive.

      1. I have a 30 in Viking. I don't think it's a new model, probably about 12-15 yrs old. I'm very happy with it tho it doesn't do low simmer very well. Seems to run hot. Also the oven seems to be on the hot side, impt if you do a lot of baking. None of this is a deal breaker if you adjust and compensate. Otherwise, love the power and the look of it.

        1. I have never had a Viking cooktop. 10-15 years ago I did have 2 Viking ranges and both had major problems with the ignition as did others I knew about and repair people said it was a problem. I have a Blue Star range and love it.

          1. smilingal--

            What are the things about the Bluestar that disappoint you? I am contemplating installing one of their ranges and wonder, as did you, if there are too many people on the net really pushing this brand.

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              hi Juliest - I don't like the way it doesn't clean up - the grates are all spotted - I don't know if that would happen with all of the newer cast iron grates. The service rep did fix the puzzling problem of how the burner bowls didn't rest flat on the cooktop. I was impressed when they finally sent out the rep who seemed to thoroughly check out the cooktop. There is also a burner bowl where the paint seems to have peeled already - so I will be calling them after the holidays for a replacement. I am still a bit sceptacle about the abundance of people who only have the best to say with nothing negative about Blue Star.