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Oct 28, 2012 05:41 PM

Afternoon Tea at Craftsman & Wolves, SF - anyone try it yet?

They started serving Afternoon Tea at Craftsman & Wolves Mon Oct 15 & I haven't seen any reports. You need to make reservations by email or phone, afternoon tea only available M-W from 1-5pm. Savory & sweet baked goods, teas: oolong or herbal. $22pp/$40 pair.

Craftsman & Wolves
ph: 415-913-7713
746 Valencia St, SF

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  1. Yup. We went last Wednesday and very much enjoyed it. They did a great job of mixing sweet and savory. Plus, substituted cocoa with violet marshmallows for my tea averse 10-year-old.
    My favorites were the salt cod rillettes and the buckwheat crumpets.
    Lots of pics on my blog, but I'll attach the menu and one of the tea "tower" here.

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      Thanks, can't wait to try it. Here's the link to your photo essay.

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        It would be helpful if they gave the provenance of the tea. Or is the tea just an afterthought at this type of event?

        1. re: soupçon

          The online drinks menu says:

          tea by naivetea ::

          formosa oolong

          dong ding oolong

          shan lin shi oolong

          iced passion oolong

          tisane of market herbs

          Presumably the same are used for the afternoon tea.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            That sounds like the list of teas. As I mentioned above, they also had hot chocolate and chocolate milk available for my daughter.

      2. I took a friend visiting from out of town last Monday. She had the tisane (which was rosemary, bay leaf, and lemon, a mixture which got tastier the longer it sat) and I tried the Dong Ding oolong, which was very nice. We skipped lunch, anticipating a caloric overload, but that proved unnecessary. There was a nice variety and amount of food but it is not a meal replacement (does that make sense?).
        I also really liked the rillettes but I wish they'd given us three tiny pieces of brioche rather than two. The sesame tile was also super delicious.
        Not sure if others had this same experience, but we were kind of bombarded with people wanting to take photos of our tea tower, including one guy who was super rude about it (he told me to put something back so he could take a picture! I did not). Hopefully that's not a common occurrence since it was kind of a bummer.
        Also, the reservations process was super easy and friendly, and our server was very nice.
        I really like this place.

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          Good to know that tea will not be a meal replacement, as at some places it is indeed. Made me look at the photos again and yes, the plates on the tea tower are not loaded down.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I found it a meal, but my daughter was very focused on the sweets, so I had more than my share of the rillettes.
            Note that in my pics, a couple of items had been removed before the picture was take. The 10-year-old was hungry.

            1. re: absc

              I am in full support of valuing hunger satiation above complete documentation. And the hot chocolate looks fabulous.

        2. Mom, Stephanie and I had a pre-Christmas tea here on Friday, December 14. Our reserved seats at the communal table had been three in a row along one side. But a lady sitting at the end offered up her spot for an easier L-shaped arrangement for conversation and sharing food. The menu:

          No kidding about the photo vultures! As soon as our tea tower came to the table, an unknown woman swooped in saying she was walking by, spotted the display through the window and asked for permission to photograph the tiers. Luckily, she only wanted one shot.

          We tried two of the oolong teas.

          Stephanie had the hot chocolate. Compared to Recchiutti’s version that I’d had the day before at Chocolate Lab, this was made with milk instead of water and tasted sweeter. Missing the bitter finish, I found CW’s less interesting but plenty enjoyable nonetheless.

          Unlike the earlier posters, the salt cod rillettes fell out for me. Too much of the salt and texture had been soaked out in this batch, I would have liked more salinity and firmness. Also, I found myself pushing aside the jungle of parsley.

          Favorite item was the chewy, almost nutty tasting buckwheat crumpet with passionfruit curd and clotted cream.

          Also adored the crazy intense flavor of the ginger scallion madeleine.

          Afternoon Tea slideshow

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The crumpets really are wonderful. I haven't had the passionfruit curd yet, but the lime we had at our pre-holiday visit was wonderful. On that visit they included poached albacore with sunchokes and olives instead of the salt cod and as much as I am a salt cod fan, I preferred it.

            1. re: absc

              Have you checked to see if it's possible to buy the crumpets separately . . . in mass quantities?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I called to find out: lady said you can special order the buckwheat crumpets, over 1 dozen, not sure the cost, call 48 hrs in advance: 415-913-7713

                1. re: hhc

                  Thanks for doing the legwork. Now I need to work on making some citrus-y curd to do the honors.

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