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Oct 28, 2012 04:00 PM

Balliwick's, Littleton NH

H and I are going to be in the area on Friday evening for a birthday party on Saturday AM, and were thinking of eating in Balliwick's....anyone eaten there recently? What's good? Thanks!

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  1. We had a find lunch(the usual burgers)there a few weeks ago but the best meal we had was at the Beal House just down the road.
    We sat at the bar and had the best waitress we've had in years.
    She tended the bar and 4 tables and you never saw her flinch or miss a beat.
    The stuffed trout was devine,my wife's meatloaf was so different and wonderful from any meatloaf we've ever cooked.
    We went back the next night just soI could have the meatloaf!
    The home-made corned beef hash at the Littleton Diner is not to be missed either.
    Have fun!

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      Thanks Jackiew. We like the Littleton Diner, but may even give the edge to Topic of the Town! How are the Beal House's prices? Comparable to Baliwicks?

      1. re: pinehurst

        Sorry to be getting back so late to you.
        I don't check this site all that often.
        Beal House and Baliwck prices are about the same imo.