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Oct 28, 2012 02:37 PM

Please help me decide

Can't wait to be back in town next week! Here is our itinerary:

Sunday night (late arrival): Domenica
Monday lunch: Mila
Monday dinner: R'Evolution
Tuesday lunch: Commander's Palace
Tuesday dinner: Coquette
Wednesday lunch: Coquette (I know, very repetitive, but just loved Coquette last year.)
Wednesday dinner: Upperline
Thursday lunch: Commander's (unless R'Evolution requires a second visit).

We've never been to Domenica, R'Evolution or Upperline, but have been to the others on the list. Question is, should we keep Upperline? It gets scratched every visit, (I think that this will be our 15th) and my hubbie is insistent that we are going this year. I just wonder if it is worth going to, or if we should try something else - Rue 127, Atchafalya, or Borgne. Upperline seems like it might be on par with Irene's from what I have seen and read, and I really would prefer something just a bit more refined. Would love your help on this!

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  1. It has been several years since I've been to Upperline, but it is a special restaurant and since you go to NOLA often I think you'd appreciate the atmosphere. There is a new chef who is supposed to be very good and it is always a good experience with warm, professional service. You may or may not fall in love with the food, but you will be glad you visited.

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      I wouldn't go to any place twice, given the number of excellent restaurants to choose from. I'd give R'Evolution more time to sort things out. And I'd toss in a neighborhood/po-boy place to work in some down-home fare.

    2. I am jealous of your itinerary. Everything looks good. Don't miss R'Evolution. I too wouldn't do Coquette twice, especially back to back. Try something a little more fun for the Tuesday dinner like SoBou or Sylvain.

      1. I agree about duplicating visits, unless I had maybe two months in NOLA.

        I would include CP, and only do R'evolution one time.

        Now, I have not dined at Coquette, and it does get very good refs. here, but I doubt that I'd do it twice in a short visit. As has been stated, so very many great options.

        Still, travel safely and enjoy!


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Thanks so much for all of your advice, I really appreciate it! We have 2 sets of friends meeting us, and both want to try Coquette, hence the duplicate. The thing that I love is knowing that we'll be back, since we now visit at least once a year. It takes so much pressure off of what used to be an awful decision making process. We've been to over 50 restaurants in New Orleans, and love the po-boy spots, I just find the lunch deals to be too amazing to pass up. I'll be sure to post about our visit, something that I'm usually remiss about. Thanks again for the help!

          1. re: n.o.lover

            Around this board, Coquette gets a lot of love. I have just not managed to make it there in my limited time, on our NOLA trips - still, based on the recs. and from the "regulars," I think that it will be great.

            The only hesitancy that I have is doing multiple dining, when one does not have unlimited time, might not be the ultimate way to spend a trip. We're in San Francisco, about 2x per month, and I hate to duplicate my restaurants, within a single month - but it HAS happened. As NOLA is maybe 2x per year, I seldom do duplicates, and especially as many nights are at family events and restaurants.

            Still, as you have good reasons, my best advice is ENJOY!