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Oct 28, 2012 01:56 PM

Sugarfree Carrot Cake without strange ingredients like "applesauce"

I am looking for a easy recipe for carrot cake without sugar.

But I have a problem. Most recipes I found, involves strange ingredients like applesauce, dade purree, honey, pineapple sauce and more.

I just want a completely basic carrot cake recipe. With no unordinery ingredients. Using either Stevia or Splenda as a sweetener. But the rest should be just standard ingrediens like flour, nuts, carrot and butter etc.

Can someone help me out?

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  1. It sounds like you might want to adapt a spice cake recipe by adding carrots and walnuts. If you want to cut sugar carbs, you really don't want to use granular Splenda, which is bulked up with high glycemic carbs. Xylitol tastes a lot better, is natural and will bulk and moisturize like real sugar. And you might want to try white carbalose flour in place of regular to further lower carbs if that is your overall goal. The cake in this recipe could be made with Diabetisweet brown sugar substitute, the only decent tasting one I've ever found. I buy it online at, along with granular xylitol and carbalose flour. Frost or not as you wish.

    1. I suggest you post this on the Special Diets thread. Also, I have to say that I don't find applesauce strange in the context of a moist cake. Low carb carrot cake

      Here is a low carb carrot cake which uses crushed pineapple instead of applesauce to create moistness. You will notice that almond meal is subbed for flour, to cut down carbs. For recipes particularly designed to use Splenda or other artificial sweeeteners, I'd check the mfg. web sites where recipes should be posted.

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        I think the OP may not want the fruit in there. And both pineapple and apple sauce are concentrated sources of sugar... I'm not sure if the poster is after low carb or not, given the choice of flour and carrots.

        1. re: mcf

          Agreed, but the cake is described as low carb. It does use artificial sweetener and almond meal. Not sure there is a perfect combo here.

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            Bobby Deen has a carrot cake recipe with no sugar- apple butter and canola oil; there are others out there that use a banana and orange juice. If I have a chance to bake one I'll let you know.

            1. re: elrectanus

              Apple butter, oj and bananas are very highly concentrated sources of sugars.

        2. Hi Ramius,

          Lots of expert posters precede me on this board. What are you going for "sugar free" (of course, no cake is 100% sugar free); however, as mcf said we can help more if we know who you're cooking for! Are you just looking to cut back on sugar, or are you looking to make a dessert for a diabetic? Cheers!

          1. No offense meant, but I'm trying to get my head around the notion that applesauce is in any way "weird" or un-ordinary. Or odd as a carrot cake ingredient, even, since it's pretty common to recipes I've seen. The suggestion that the OP might be looking for a low-carb, fruit-free alternative, however, would rule it out, but however good a sweetening job xylitol might do it'll take a lot of extra carrot to give it the moisture that applesauce or pineapple provide.

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            1. re: Will Owen

              My presumption, based upon his intention to use stevia and Splenda, was that adding fruit wasn't on his agenda, though it may be on yours or mine. Adding plenty of oil (my favorite recipe does both, pineapple and plenty of oil) moistens the heck out of it, too, with our without fruit.

            2. I'd think Splenda to be a more unordinary ingredient than honey in many parts of the world where my relatives live, but that's appropos of nothing.

              The following recipe adds recipes that are standard to many carrot cake recipes--like raisins--and omits the more exotic pineapple sauce, dates, and applesauce. However, you may feel free to modify to meet your tastes, or to continue your search.