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Oct 28, 2012 01:37 PM

Help! Rehearsal Dinner in Richmond - Ideas Needed

We will be hosting a rehearsal dinner for about 60 next Sept, and loved the looks of Julep's, but their maximum for a seated meal is 50. Our priority is the food, but historic/local atmosphere is important too. Saw rave reviews of Roosevelt, but don't know if they do private events (I've emailed to find out). Also looked at CanCan and Comfort.

Are there some lovely venus where catering would be possible?

Since I've only visited Richmond very briefly, any help would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Have you talked to the Hotel Jefferson? Certainly historic /local atmosphere, food should be very good & they can certainly handle a large party including parking for your guests.

    In my opinion the restaurants you mentioned do not meet your criteria.

    1. I would not consider the Roosevelt. I think it is horribly overrated and very inconsistent. Also parking is a nightmare.

      I would consider Arcadia (they have an area designated for private events) & Lemaire at The Jefferson. Millie's also does private events.

      CanCan is REALLLLLLY loud and I think that would take away from the event. If Comfort closes for private events, that would be a good possibility as well.

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        You might consider Ginter Botanical Gardens. Went to a wedding there, and it was quite nice. I believe the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is also available for such functions. Both would need to be catered.