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Oct 28, 2012 01:25 PM

New Malden - Yami

I had a great dinner at Yami (69 High Street) last night. Having never been to New Malden before, I was tempted to try Palace and the other great suggestions on this board. However, I asked a few groups of Koreans about what their favorite restaurant was, and they all said Yami. Yami was the most crowded of the Korean restaurants on the High Street and so we decided to go in.

I started with the seafood pancake, which was one the best I've had before. It was not too thick nor greasy - there was generous portions of seafood.

For mains, I had the stonepot bibimbap which was fantastic. The raw meat was of a high quality, the egg was perfect and the rice crispy. The hot sauce was just right as well.

My companion had the fish cakes with squid. The texture of the fish cakes was perfect, not too sticky and with enough bite.

Finally, we also split the sweet/sour chicken, which I had thought was Korean fried chicken. It's not. It wasn't very good.

The service was pretty good although they overcharged us by quite a bit. Once I pointed that out, they changed the bill. There is also a mandatory service charge which annoys me.

All in all, one of the best Korean meals I've had.

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  1. Thanks for this one... we live not too far from New Malden and do eat there from time to time but have never been to Yami. We'll definitely go there next time. I remember enjoying the sweet and sour chicken at Palace, which is another fairly good spot you can try on another trip and then you can compare the two.