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Oct 28, 2012 12:50 PM

Icehouse Brunch

I tried brunch at Icehouse this weekend after hearing raves from my sister-in-law. Overall, I was pretty impressed. They had live music playing - we were seated off to the side so it was a perfect combination of music + being able to have a conversation. The had several different bloody mary versions (including one that has bacon and comes garnished with a mini donut). I had the Bloody Lisa which comes with a stick of house pickled vegetables. The drink was good (although it could have been a touch spicier for my preferences) and the veggies were excellent. For breakfast, I had the brisket hash. It was somewhat more of a mashed potato and brisket mix nicely crisped up topped with a chili sauce, creme fraiche and nice and runny poached eggs (they cook the eggs however you want). The combination of all of these was nicely balanced. My friend has the biscuit and gravy with crispy pork and a fried egg. She declared it to be awesome (I did not get to try it, but it looked delicious).

I definitely want to go back and try that (as well as some other menu items). :-)

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  1. Had to pick up the Hubster in downtown Mpls this morning and decided to try out Icehouse's brunch. We admittedly don't frequent Eat Street, so we had kind of a difficult time finding the place. I didn't think the signage out front was particularly noticeable, but maybe it's more lit up at night. It also wasn't at all what I expected - which isn't a bad thing - I just for some reason thought it was going to be a modern design atmosphere, but it's more saloon-esque. Again, not a bad thing, just not what I had made this place out to be in my mind. And since I had no idea this place was more saloon-ish, I really wasn't expecting southern inspired food. Hubster spent a few childhood years in VA and FL, so he was really pleasantly surprised by this.

    I ordered the crispy pork biscuit which LauraB mentioned above. Hubster had the gumbo.and we ordered the cornbread to share. The crispy pork biscuit was quite good. It is essentially chicken fried pork topped with a fried egg served between a biscuit and topped with a spicy (to me - Hubster didn't think it was terribly spicy, but he likes really spicy food) sausage gravy. Hubster's gumbo was proclaimed "really, really good." I had a tiny bit and the depth of the broth was quite delicious. There was a hearty amount of sausage in the gumbo and it was served with a couple of chicken wings, some whitefish (I didn't taste it and Hubster couldn't figure out what it was) and a nicely seared scallop on top. And while both our entrees were quite good, the real star of the morning was that cornbread. It is made to order and is brought to the table in a little skillet fresh out of the oven with melty butter all over the top. Hubster commandeered most of it. Jerk. It was SO, so good. Like, I could eat four skillets of that myself and had I been in a less generous mood Hubster would have had a fork in his big mitt. I detected just the slightest hint of lemon in it, which might seem odd, but it was amazing. Seriously... anyone that goes... you MUST order the cornbread. Yummy!

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      Sounds outstanding. I really wish I lived closer to this place, but I'm going to have to make the jaunt one of these days for any of the dishes described above.

    2. A friend has been dying to try their Savory Eclaire. Finally got to and said it was great, though a small amount of food. In general were very pleased with all the brunch items they sampled.

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        I used my "stymie translator ring".

        fried = friend
        Saory = Savory
        foor = food
        was = were

        (just giving you a hard time stymie. I'm curious about the eclair too...sounds great)

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          thanks mspd, gues i shouuld rpoof reed my postts. errors in original corrected, hopfuly

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            I had the savory eclaire this weekend, and it is delicious! It's two churro shaped (they don't taste at all like churros) frosted pieces of pastry, cut open with pork belly and something creamy (cheese, perhaps?) inside, served with a sunny side up egg between them.

            It's a great mix of sweet, salty, and savory. Especially when you get the egg yolk mixed in with everything else.

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              I saw someone get that, but thought it was a sandwich I had seen on the menu. Might have to go back and try that one. Looks delicious!

      2. I had a positive experience last weekend. The Bloody Lisa was plenty spicy and the variety of pickled vegetables made it quite nice. But honestly, I make bloody mary's at home relatively often, I prefer my recipe, and a $9 bloody mary gives me pause. The $11 one with a mini doughnut just seemed wrong at the time, but in hindsight I wish that I had ordered it, just to try it.

        I was lured to order the Truffle crepe because of their photo on facebook. The crepe was light and rich at the same time. Mushrooms and trufffle really gave it a savory rich earthy flavor. It was wonderful. It was also very small, their photo on facebook really zooms in to the crepe and doesn't accurately capture the fact that the plate is over half bitter greens. I'm not a big fan of bitter greens and these were no exception. My personal tastes aside, it'd be nice to know what you're getting. Their facebook is misleading, showing a seemingly huge crepe with a touch of green in the background - no mention on their menu that the dish is over half bitter greens.

        Based on Siege's note, I ordered the cornbread. I like cornbread, and theirs is pretty good, but nothing spectatular.

        My friend ordered the pastrami sandwich because of the waitresses recommendation, and he raved about it. I would like to try that, as well as several other items on their menu. Another friends waffles looked pretty uneventful, and he said they were "ok".

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          Hubster and a couple of his buddies went back to Icehouse last weekend for brunch before the motorcycle show at the Mpls Convention Center. They all tried the Homer bloody mary and they all thought it was awful. :( Way too smokey-flavored, which was really disappointing considering it was highlighted in MSP Mag this month as being great. So I think you were probably better off getting what you got.

          That said, Hubster tried the brisket hash this time and really liked that too. So they still did ok with the food, but the bloodys were a big minus.